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Saturday, February 09, 2008 

Notorious Toronto Sun 'Hate Monger' Demands His 'Right' To Preach Hatred And Intolerance

It is not difficult to wonder if Toronto Sun columnist, Michael Coren, was ever dropped on his head in infancy. This is the same Michael Coren who has, in past, called for a nuclear attack against Iran. Now, in his February 9th column, he bemoans the fact that Canada's 'hate laws' impede his christian right to hate and 'teach' hatred against gay persons or Muslims or anyone else that he feels he has a right to preach hatred against.

I never seem to find sentiments in the writings of Michael Coren, that reflect anything that Jesus said in the New Testament and yet Mr. Coren continues to be a popular speaker with church organizations around Ontario. Shame!

Coren doesn't speak at mainstream church gatherings but rather at evangelical- and pentecostal-minded groups.

He's put himself where he is today and only he has himself to blame for his failures.

CTS is a fringe television station with a very limited viewership.
CFRB is around 7th in the Toronto-area BBM ratings.
The Sun empire is collapsing.
His guests are very limited in their range and he isn't invited to appear on major talk shows or be on major TV discussion panels.

Nowhere to go but down, for him.

That is good news ...

What do you mean "CTS is a fringe television station?"

I love the "Facts of Life" and "Happy Days."

Fonzie says, "Aye-e-e-e-e!"

One person's fringe is another persons mainstream!

OK, so you think this Coren is a shmuck - but do you in fact support his right to say schmucky things? Do you think you should decide what other people are allowed to say? The scare quotes around 'right' in your headline would seem to suggest that you would support censoring him. Am I misunderstanding?

Canadian law limits free speech in so much as we have laws concerning Libel and Slander.

You also cannot preach/teach that the Holocaust did not occur.

You can not call for the death of someone.

Coren wants to drop nuclear bombs on Iran. He also adheres to the Book of Leviticus on how to treat gay persons.

He is an pathetic person.

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