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Sunday, September 03, 2006 

"We Should Nuke Iran" - Toronto Sun Article

Just when you think that you have read the most irresponsible column in your life, something even stupider and more deadly comes along. The column by Michael Coren entitled ""We Should Nuke Iran" in the September 2, 2006 Toronto Sun is beyond logic. This is insanity and every reasonable Canadian should feel disgust. Mr. Coren has put himself side by side with the people he wants us to 'nuke'.

"Put boldly and simply, we have to drop a nuclear bomb on Iran."
Michael Coren
Toronto Sun
September 2, 2006

Toronto Sun

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"We should nuke Iran"

Michael should be careful. If the U.S. finds out that Canada secretly has nuclear weapons, the Bush Administration is likely to invade us...unless that's what Michael and Harper really want...

I'm shocked the Toronto Sun would publish a call for nuclear war against a country that has not attacked Canada. We have not even declared war against Iran and yet the Toronto Sun is calling for the escalation of tensions to pre-emptive nuclear war. The editorial is utteraly irresponsible.

walks, I agree totally. I am still amazed at what I read in his article.

From 1945 until now, 61 years, humans have never again used nuclear weapons. Not since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Every nation that has developed and possesed nukes has restrained their use because of the great fear what the use of even one bomb could trigger globally. The world had embraced the concept of 'never again.'

But now we have Michael Coren seriously advocating that we drop nuclear weapons on Iran! He is prepared to do what Stalin wouldn't do, Khruschev wouldn't do, Mao wouldn't do.

But Michael Coren is anxious to do it; use nuclear weapons!

I took a look at his website and it lists his upcoming speaking engagements. There are a lot of church dates. I wonder if these Christian churchs are aware of what their guest is promoting.

Sept 15, 2005 - St. Paul's bookclub, Hamilton
Sept 30, 2006 - National Campus Life Network, Toronto
Oct 11, 2006 - Catholic Council of Trent, Peterborough
Oct 14, 2006 - Proud 2B Catholic music festival, Brampton, Ont
Oct 19, 2006 - Pembroke County Right to Life Annual Banquet
Oct 20-22, 2006 - Presbyterian Synod, Winnipeg.
Oct 25, 2006 - Knights of Columbus, Clergy Appreciation Dinner
Oct 29, 2006 - Nashville Road Community Church
Nov 1, 2006 - Culture of Life Speech, London, Ont
Nov 2, 2006 - Stratford Right To Life AGM
Nov 23, 2006 - St. Andrew's United Church, Markham
Dec 3, 2006 - St. Olave's, Toronto
Feb 9, 2007 - Holland Right To Life, Manitoba
April 7, 2007 - Liberation Choir, Hamilton, Ont

Interesting concept; stop developing nuclear bombs or else...we will drop the bomb ourselves.

It's alright when we, the good people, build and use them, but not a chance that someone else acquires them. We'll just drop one to make sure that will never happen.

What happened to the non-proliferation treaty anyways? Isn't about time the US starts getting rid of some of their own arsenal? Why are they not playing by the(ir own) rules?

I guess leading by example is too old fashioned; the new fascist have their own way of reasoning, and it's not looking pretty.

How disturbing.

Eric - in the other thread on this site concerning overuse of the term 'nazi', you said, "Anyone who comprehends fascism must admit that there are a lot more reasons to call neo-cons (including their Canadian Conservative friends) the new fascists than THEM calling OTHERS fascists."

YES!!!!!! I read that over a couple of times because it totally describes what we are witnessing with the 'Right' at this point in history. It is bloody scary!

What is very scary about it is that it is not centralized - this is a vast difused hodge podge of rightwing diversity. Evangelical christian right, neo-cons, yahoos, wingnuts, social conservative, fiscal conservatives - the reason it is so hard to fight them is because they are a loose movement with no one nerve centre. Easy to attack (because they are so outrageous) but difficult to wound.

"What is very scary about it is that it is not centralized - this is a vast difused hodge podge of rightwing diversity."

I agree, but mainly a result of continuing right-of-centre influence from the right-of-centre media.

It took me a while (about four years) to figure out what is happening here on this continent. Coming from Holland, a progressive country by North American standards that is, I found it at first hard to believe that the media was (partly) to blame for the conservativeness of this country: the whole spectrum of voices (from left to right) does get heard, so how could it be that the result is so conservative?

I believe it has to do with balance. The right, owning many of the media outlets, has a megaphone to distort news. It's what Rumsfeld once said about Aljazeera:

"if anyone lived in the Middle East and watched a network like the Aljazeera day after day after day, even if he was an American, he would start waking up and asking what's wrong".

And that's exactly what's wrong with the North American media.

You think the BBC is leftish? That's what many people here will want to make you believe. But then all European public broadcasters are lefttish; they all present a very similar balanced approach to do the news, a lot different from what you see and hear here.

What makes them so-called leftish is their sound principles of quality reporting, without the distortion that is so common (think Fox).

The internet is the tool to put things right (in this case more to the left) again. It needs a big whack! Blogging is only the beginning; I'm having great hopes for internet TV, a medium than can be cheap yet effective.

But "the left" does have to learn from "the right". The "dumbing down" of issues has proven to work (see whose ruling US and Canada), so we have to beat them in a similar way, but based on sound principles.

Don't be afraid, we're not the right. Dumbing down doesn't have to mean we're distorting the issue. It's compacting the issue to make it transfer easier accross the peoples; we'll have a nuanced position when people start asking question.

See that's where we are going to be diffent, more advanced if you will. THEY (conservatives) get away with absurd positions because there are very little instances where the public/journalists can question the "the leaders" anymore (gallery issue). Instead they'll drop there messages to the media (propaganda), who will do the work for them (see Aljazeera principle). WE can back our positions up with nuance.

It's time for change. The internet is the tool. It's democratic, accessible and powerful.

Get ready and go!

Eric - your email isn't listed on your profile, I'd like to elaborate a bit more with you on this - you can find my email on my profile. Feel free if you like.

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