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Tuesday, February 05, 2008 

Super Tuesday Special - Not Your Mama - Ranting At Assmonkeys From The Mojave Desert

One of my favourite American progressive political bloggers is Not Your Mama who writes on her own blog, Coyote Angry!- Not Your Mama started off the primary season supporting Gov. Bill Richardson and her posts forced a lot of people to dig down and see what Gov. Richardson's campaign was about.

With only 8 hours to go until what has been called the "greatest election primary in history" the only prediction I can feel comfortable making is that it may well turn out to be the greatest non-event in recent history. By tonight we will probably know not a single thing more than we know right now. Little or nothing will be definitively decided and we may all resume our favorite national pastime of ripping each others throats out until the next primary event.

On the Republican side no one other than the clinically insane believes that Gov. Hucka-Jesus will win the nomination therefore we may conclude that a sizeable majority of the population in several southern states is clinically insane. This may come as a surprise to some Canadian readers but trust me when I tell you it comes as no surprise to most Americans, in fact the Republican party has long counted upon this constituency and if the rest of us had not been too lazy to show up and vote there would never have been a President Bush. They may be insane but they are higly motivated insane people.

More likely is a continuation of the tug-of-war between PTSD McCain and Mittens Romney with Hucka-Jesus stubbornly clinging to the fight just to thumb his nose at the Mormon and splitting the religious fanatic vote making a McCain win more likely. After all, who can resist campaign promises of "more wars and possibly 100 years in Iraq"?

On the Democratic side the pundits can continue debating the final outcome of All The Black People vs The Aging Vaginas. Somewhere in this mythical land the pundits live in there is also a place where All The Brown People also meet to decide how to cast their votes. If All The Brown People cannot swing the final decision then we'll have to rely on our last voting block, The Angry White Men. Personally I've never voted with my vagina but if I did the next president would likely be battery operated and covered in latex which would be problematic in at least one southern state filled with clinically insane people since such devices are illegal there.

I know this must all seem very complicated but it's actually quite simple: Sen. Clinton has already won over anyone she will ever win over and has nothing left but to either hang on to or lose those people, Sen. Obama has yet to win over or lose all potential voters so time is on his side. Which ever one remains standing will need to be less hated than the last man standing on the Republican side to win the presidency. At this time that would be Sen. Obama so......if Sen. Clinton wins the nomination expect a continuation of all of the above until next November.

If today has any big surprises I'll be the one surprised.

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All my life I have dreamed of seeing both a woman President of the USA and a Black President. Here we are deciding between the two. Who would have ever predicted that. I am torn. My head says Obama and my heart says Hillary. Good news is that I am Canadian and can't vote for either. So may the best Democrat win because for God's sake they need to get the Republicans out of there for a long, long time. Very good post. Thank you!

Well said NYM. It points up the lack of connection that our MSM has with the mainstream people of America.
The only problem I have is since I'm not really an angry white man I can't decide if I want to be a vagina or a black team member. Maybe I'll be a brown vagina and split em all up. LMAO I loved it.

NYM - I think that your final analysis is bang on ... time is on Obama's side! Thanks!

Good observations, Mama, though I'm just pessimistic enough to believe John McCain will be the next American with the title "President" before his name. I believe there are still too many in this country not yet ready for either a black, or a female, president. By elimination, that only leaves McCain. I hope I'm wrong, and the Democrats have not shot themselves in the foot yet again.

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