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Tuesday, March 18, 2008 

Harper Asks Sask Premier To Drop Equalization Court Challenge!

REGINA -- "Premier Brad Wall says Prime Minister Stephen Harper requested the province drop its constitutional challenge on equalization when the two leaders met early this year.

"He was very blunt. He just said obviously the federal government didn't think it had a chance to succeed and thought it should be withdrawn," Wall said of Harper's reaction to the legal challenge initiated by the province's previous NDP government.

The premier told reporters that Harper's reaction was taken "under advisement" and that there are "varying legal opinions" on the challenge."

Regina Leader Post

No one in Saskatchewan believes that Premier Wall will continue with the challenge. Wall is so anxious to get his political nose close to Harper's butt. The challenge will be dropped any day now. Problem is, Saskatchewan will be out $800 Million a year from what was promised by the Conservatives in their last two election campaigns.

-CBC has more ....

Just a couple of questions for you, leftdog.

How much did your premier, Mr. Calvert, manage to secure from the Conservatives after walking out on a meeting with the PM? How did the court challenge work?

I suppose if Calvert managed to secure some money, you could argue that Wall has done worse. But Calvert so alienated himself by his extreme left-wing tactics that he was shut out.

I recall PMSH not even letting him know when he was in town. Not something to be proud of being a Saskatchewanian.

If Wall get's a dollar more, that's better than the last guy...

But that's just my extreme right-wing view...

Sniff sniff sniff .... the sound of Brad Wall's nose looking for Harper's political butt!

I'm glad you're on the other side...

With astute political observations like your last comment, we're doomed!

. . .He [Harper] just said obviously the federal government didn't think it had a chance to succeed and thought it should be withdrawn," . . . .

So, he wants to back out of a court case he can't win.

"Only if winning conditions prevail".
That phrase was the centrepiece of the PQ regarding a referendum and now Harper is using it because he doesn't like to lose. Too much an assault on his prestige.

Sadly, the guys got LOSER written all over his forehead. It's there for all and sundry to see.

Canada and parliament have no place for losers--only achievers. What has Harper done these last few yerars except expand his waistline and slow down the legislative process?

Out with him. Bah!

I’m happy The SaskParty got rid of the Weiner roast tax. But that has nothing to do with this............

Today Wall Inc. increased fees for businesses on elevator and escalator licences and inspection fees to amusement rides as well as their inspection and registration fees. Increases to fees averaged between 30% and 60% per cent.

Now concerning your so called 'wiener roast tax' Was it a tax on wiener roasts or was it a $3 fee for unlimited firewood in a provincial park.

Do your research.

Leftdog, I was talking about the $3fee for firewood in a provincial parks.

You knew what I was talking about. Admitted it.

"Leftdog, I was talking about the $3fee for firewood in a provincial parks."

Then why were you calling it the 'wiener roast tax'?

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