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Saturday, March 15, 2008 

Saskatchewan Party Government Already Caught In A Lie Over Changes To Labour Laws

Saskatchewan's new right wing government is moving quickly to make changes to the province's Trade Union Act and Labour Relations Act. The proposed changes are intended to slant the labour environment sharply to the right and to curtail the rights of both organized and unorganized labour.

At the CUPE Convention being held in Saskatoon this week, Labour Minister Rob Norris took a few on the chin for his cabinet colleagues from the assembled crowd.

The Brad Wall government has insisted that they are merely trying to 're-balance' Saskatchewan's labour legislation. Trade unions around the province think that is a bunch of crap!

SFL President Larry Hubich has more ...

-Norris in hot seat over essential services e-mail

-Union alleges Sask. gov't sought support on labour bill prior to its tabling


Who cares? The legislation is going to be passed. Suck it up...

This is going to be good for all of Saskatchewan.

""This is going to be good for all of Saskatchewan."

What a load of crap! The flaw in your right wing ideology is this .. the business class seeks to minimize the amount of wages working people earn, in order to maximize their personal profits. The flaw is this... the working class spends their money. The less you pay them, the less they have to spend in the stores and enterprises of the business class!

You're making some pretty spectacular assumptions about business.

Do you even understand the intent of the legislation? Where did wages enter into the discussion?

I'm sorry, but I don't personally own a health district or the highways. I'm not sure how essential services legislation will help my business or cause me to pay less money to people who aren'y my employees.

But I sure do like the fact that my personal safety is not at the whim of a special interest group.

As do most people in Saskatchewan.

On this matter, the SFL, the NDP and their supporters are way off.

Get used to it.

Actually Mike from where I see it I can say, "You're making some pretty spectacular assumptions about business."
You are far too trusting and have way too much faith in the 'unrestricted free market'.

We'd probably still have child labour in North America if trade unions had not come about decades ago to end the practice. It wasn't the business class / capitalists who brought about:
-old age pensions
-unemployment insurance
-workers compensation
all things that protect working people who organized themselves and fought to get.

If you right wingers could see that there is a good 'business case' to be made by negotiating between those who invest their capital (your side) and those who invest their labour (my side) to achieve a secure work environment that benefits and prospers both sides.

You want to come in now, with a bunch of 'preston manning ideology' which tells you that the labour part of the equation needs to be 'gotten under control' ... piss on that Mike! Working people don't just lay down and take it when they know they are getting screwed.

PS Mike - don't forget that Wall is bringing TWO different Bills that affect labour.

I believe that every concern you Sask Party guys have could be addressed at a bargaining table. But rather than do anything logical like talking to see if there isn't some common ground, your boy Wall decided that he was going to ram and force his changes.

So ...

(oh and we don't need any of your little bullying attempts with words from you like ..."Get used to it."
That is authoritarian ... We don't need that kind of crap in the debate.

Hubris will get them in the end, Leftdog. Just like does every time.

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