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Friday, March 07, 2008 

Liberal / Tory .... Same Old Story!

I am fairly disgusted with many of my fellow progressive bloggers lately.

Let's see ...
-7 Liberals showed up in Parliament to vote for their own Budget amendment.
-11 Liberals showed up in Parliament to vote against Harper's budget.
-The Libs have put forward a motion of 'non-confidence' in the NDP and Bloc.

There is NO DOUBT that the Liberal Party of Canada is propping up, supporting and allowing the Harper government to stay in power. And yet ... Lib bloggers and others (!) are attacking the NDP!

Well I am going to say it ... the Liberal Party of Canada might as well just join the gawd damned Conservatives .... gutless, stupid, without ethics. The Liberal Party of Canada are as bad as Conservatives - WORSE in fact because they, of all parties, should be doing their job as the Official Opposition and taking Harper to a general election!

The Conservative government of Stephen Harper COULD be out of power TODAY if the Liberals had any courage. So for those who want to attack the New Democrats today ... go right ahead! Anyone with a functioning brain can see how stupid you are!

I don't actually want to hear from any Liberals today! It's bad enough I have to deal with right wing retard trolls on my site most of the time.

If you are a Liberal and are reading this .... how can you support what Dion is doing to your party?

I had turned off the ability for anyone to reply to this post because I am just so pissed off today.

I got an email from someone and it should be posted.

Apologies to Steve V... his response to my post follows this .....

From Steve V. of Blogsite: Far and Wide: Received in my email.

"Since you're not allowing comments, I'll email you.

I've criticized the Liberals ad nauseum, nobody supports this nonsense from them, so your point is complete crap. That fact doesn't mean the NDP is above the fray, particularly this farce of a stance on Cadman. By your logic, we should just ignore the NDP, and solely focus on the Libs, despite what people perceive as nonsense.

I voted for the NDP last election, I voted Green the one prior to that. I'm not even sure I'll vote Liberal in this election, so if you want to dismiss me as a Cherniak partisan, so be it, my criticisms really aren't party propaganda. I respect many NDP bloggers, I have, on occasion praised Layton, where I felt it warranted. That doesn't mean I ignore the crap from the NDP, just because the Liberals are worse at the moment. You have some big gaps in reason with your post, because people are critical, people are embarrassed. Heck, I'm the guy who wrote a post declaring a "Harper majority", as a by-product of Liberal inaction. Anyways, that doesn't seem to matter, all that matters is that we don't question the NDP, not possible to multi-task here, that just isn't fair."

Steve V Far and Wide

" ... all that matters is that we don't question the NDP"

That's not what I'm saying - my point is that instead of dinking around with arguments about what 'committee' to take Harper's ass to .... pull the plug! Take the whole thing to the electorate for a vote! Period.

Trying to convince each other that we should bring the matter to the 'Ethics Committee' (or) the 'Justice Committee' is ridiculous. Let's go!

The problem for the Liberals, their stance on the budget, makes an immediate non-confidence look way too opportunistic, too cute for words. Now, supporting that NDP motion on climate change....

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