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Monday, March 03, 2008 

Layton Wants Harper To Come Clean On Interference In Obama Campaign

by Frank James
posted on the Chicago Tribune Blog

Well, this is interesting. MSNBC has shown video of today's Canadian Parliament session in which Jack Layton, the head of Canada's New Democratic Party, which is loudly accuses Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative Party government of trying to sabotage Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

LAYTON: The prime minister’s office has been interfering in the Democratic primaries with false accusations trying to silence Barrack Obama who simply wants to amend the Nafta. It is completely unacceptable for that kind of interference to be taking place. Will the prime minster fire the source of the interference, fire his chief of staff?

HARPER: The Canadian embassy in Washington has issued a statement indicating its regret at the fact that information has come out that would imply Sen. Obama has been saying different things in public than in private. Mr. Speaker, the government of Canada does not not condone this and certainly regrets any implication… (the video ends)

Today's dustup in the Canadian House of Commons was a follow-on to charges made by Canadian liberals in recent days that Canada's Conservative government, upset by Obama's anti-Nafta rhetoric, is trying to harm the senator from Illinois's electoral chances as reported in this story from the Canadian Broadcasting Corp website.

Once again proving Harper is Bush-across-the-border.

Bingo! I like the way that you phrased that NYM! I have always considered Harper as 'Bush Lite' but I think your description is far more accurate!!

so its ok when liberal and NDP polticians slander the republican party for politcal gain here in canada?

Phil ... you have said on this site that you want Canada to stop being a country and to join with the USA!!! You have nothing to say on my site. Go start your old right wing blog up again and quit trying to piggy back your crap here on my site!

LOL, you have to realize dog..nationalism is a dying force, and it scares the crap out of the grassroots political activist in you....North America will follow the EU lead and one day we will have a common gov't. Why is that so bad? We are a human fucking beings, and should not be idenified by such petty things as tribal affilations.

Oh I forgot, you follow comrade layton...the entirity of Canadian progressive politics revolves around stressing differences between us and the US. It would destroy your narrow, dated concept of the world.

Wake up.

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