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Saturday, March 29, 2008 

The Right Wing 'Retard-o-Sphere' Will Be Turning ON All Their Lights At 8:00 Tonight

"Mock the difference they won't make - increase your impact on our earth's resources. [...] So here's your chance! Share how your family plans to nullify any and all Earth Hour generated CO2 reductions in the comments. And should you capture the special moment to Youtube or digital still, pass it along, and I'll update with a feature post on the weekend."
Kate at smalldeadanimals

Demonstrating how most of them are actually 'adults' with untreated Oppositional Defiant Disorder, the kids over at smalldeadanimals are tripping over themselves today sharing their individual plans on how they intend to turn on as many lights as possible, idle their hummers for the whole hour and generally attempt to create as much CO2 as they can to mark 'Earth Hour 60' tonight.

You have to wonder if the petroleum industry is actually getting its money's worth for all of this silliness? The endless weekly parade of 'Y2Kyoto' posts over there are convincing 'who' exactly?(Just asking!)


Can Buckdog find an observer who will look in on 24 Sussex Dr. tonight between 8 and 9 pm?

And, if there is a Minister of Energy, what is the lighting situation at his/her home tonight?

Can't be OOD LD. That's contingent on a reaction to _authority_ figures.

The enviro-weenies are hardly that.


Actually lance, it very definitely is a form of untreated ODD. They perceive 'science' as the 'authority' that they are rebelling against. Very definitely, the whole crew over there are 'rebels without a clue'!

What a bunch of party poopers. If they can't think of anything to do when the lights are off for 1 hour, they are going to be pretty much terrified when rolling blackouts become a feature and not a bug.

its pretty juvenile, but would we expect anything else from this sharp group of people? Not really.

Whooee! I don't reckon there's a much better illustration of the old admonition: "Don't cut off your nose to spite your face."

If only we had a carbon tax, these Luddites would be at least contributing to the public purse.


JB, we are contributing to the public purse, in Saskatchewan that includes SaskPower.

SaskBoy, "party poopers" You've masterfully put into context the whole criticism. A party.

Tell, you what, I'll turn off my lights for this hour, then I'll have the credentials to claim that I'm a climate changer all year too.

The hour is nothing but a meme.


What kate and SDA are doing is totally juvenile ... as usual!

Lance, in short years SaskPower (owned by all of us) is going to be a HUGE liability, not just an asset. We won't get away from being the 3rd worst polluting utility in the country any time soon, and it's going to cost us BIG.

"SaskBoy, "party poopers" You've masterfully put into context the whole criticism. A party."

Conservatives like to criticize parties, and memes? I'll keep that in mind next time I see a Conservative meme or gathering.

As spaceweather.com points out:
"EARTH HOUR: Do you love starry skies? Would you like to help the environment? Tonight (March 29) at 8 p.m. local time, join millions of people around the world in turning off your lights for Earth Hour (http://www.earthhour.org), an event created by the World Wildlife Fund. The best photos of urban skies during the event will be published on http://spaceweather.com."

Does it not strike one as curious that the words conserve and conservative have the same etymology and hence similar meaning?

For Conservatives to go and do the opposite during one hour of one day is like denying reality or engaging in 1984-style reasoning.

Conservative is wasteful.


Great minds think alike... which is what the bloody hell is wrong with these morons?

I've suggested that David Suzuki suggest tomorrow is "Personal Life Day" where everyone gets together and celebrates being alive.

You see, if the "party poopers" do the opposite (like turning on ALL their lights during the hour) then there should be a mass of suicides on "Personal Life Day"!

Just trying to think of ways to thin the herd of the chronically stupid...

Oh, we only had one moron in our neighbourhood this evening... the rest were either not participating or had lights out.

Would this be the same David Suzuki who suggested that politicians who don't bang the Kyoto drum should be thrown in jail.


Maybe you should suggest "Agree with me or I'll lock you up day"?

This new learning amazes me, doubledeckerbusguy. Explain to me again how throwing politicians in jail may be employed to further science (with apols to Monty).

So anybody that is to the right of you has ODD.

I see that you very logical today Leftdog.

I could say the samething about you. But then I would be called the samething by you.

Will the name calling ever end?

"Would this be the same David Suzuki who suggested that politicians who don't bang the Kyoto drum should be thrown in jail."

Perhaps having been thrown in jail for his skin colour, coloured his idea of who should be locked up, eh?

"So anybody that is to the right of you has ODD."
My gawd you are illogical sometimes. NO! ODD if left untreated, leads to adult behaviour like Kate is demonstrating!

Good point Saskboy .. most people don't know that Suzuki spent time in a Canadian detention centre in WW2 for being 'japanese'!


Turn off your lights for an entire year, you'll get respect. Until that point, you're just another eco-lemming...

This from a man who posted these words here the other day ....
"George Bush is awesome!"
Mike the Greek

... since you are talking about lemmings - anyone who thinks Bush is
'awesome' doesn't have a lot of crediblity ANYWHERE in the world ... except perhaps at Kate's SDA!

Yes, I noticed you removed that post, only to bring it up here...

Let me repeat... George Bush is awesome!

"Let me repeat... George Bush is awesome!"

Buckdog, let me be the first to congratulate you. You must be very proud to own your own '18-Percenter'.
This species tends to have poor social skills, memory and learning difficulties, extreme tunnel vision and what dog fanciers call 'selective hearing'.
Similar species include the Truthers, Cdesign proponentsists, NEPists (of which Alberta separatists are a sub-species), and Tim Ball.
A true 18er (as they are known amongst the clubs) can derail any topic in seconds and leaves behind a trail of fetid waste in its wake.
To tell if your pet a pure-bred, ask yourself if this is habitual, or just attention-getting behaviour that happens in between moments of lucidity. If it is the latter, you've already taken the correct steps in correcting this behavior. If it is the former, you may feel the need to put the little fellow up for adoption. I would suggest SDA, but I've heard that the breeding conditions there are quite unsanitary.

FYI - Mike the Greek is a regular poster on smalldeadanimals.

Actually, I post under the name "The Greek" when Kate's gone...

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