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Saturday, April 05, 2008 

Archbishop Of Ottawa Announces Two New Exorcists - (Must be an increase in Satanic possesions in the nations capital)

In December, 2007, Pope Benedict announced that he would be increasing the number of exorcists in the Church: "The Roman Catholic Church has vowed to 'fight the Devil head-on' by training hundreds of priests as exorcists. Father Gabriele Amorth, 82, the Vatican's Exorcist in Chief, announced the initiative amid the Church's concerns about growing worldwide interest in Satanism and the occult. According to plans being considered, each bishop would have a group of priests in his diocese who were specially trained in exorcism and on hand to take action against "extreme Godlessness".

On the heels of that announcement, the Archbisop of Ottawa has annouced that his archdiocese has retained two new exorcists (one french - one english) to deal with what must be assumed to be a large increase in Satanic possessions.

" ... ordinary sinning doesn't seem to interest demons much; they go for people reading horoscopes, playing around with New Age spiritualities, lonely, alienated kids getting into a Goth lifestyle, and especially anyone having a fun night with a Ouija board. Even that yoga class at the community centre might be suspect. Exorcists talk about "opening a door" to the demonic, meaning that not everyone who reads their horoscope will tumble to the depths of hell, but that anything that loosens a Christian worldview loosens the soul."
Ottawa Citizen

I've wondered for a long time why it is that all these exorcisms and the like all seem to happen to Catholics.
Take a look at the movies and you'll see they're all Catholics.

Has anyone ever heard of exorcisms occurring to Methodists or Presbyterians?

When he was alive, I asked my cousin--an Anglican Canon--about exorcisms and demonic possession.
He said he had never seen or heard of an example in his nearly 40 years of ministry.

There's an undercurrent thought about expectations and self-fulfinning prophecies but I can't quite put it into words.

Are my cousin and I way off track or can anyone bring forth any first-hand evidence or experience?

Maybe he needs them to exorcise all those politicians that do not toe the Vatican line.

I typed wrongly.

The word in the second-last sentence should be: "self-fulfilling".

Sorry for the confusion.

Right... because the movies are the best source for information on the real world...

Personally I have had this done and found it benifical in my life. There is a Divine person greater than the minute thing I am and there are people appointed that know more about the spiritual world than I. Casting out of demon goes way back to biblical times. The Catholic church has upheld this and well as the eucharist and other great gifts of the Catholic faith. Maybe other faiths don't practice them because they don't hold true the teachings of Christ!I would suggest to read the Word and quit watching so many movies.

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