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Sunday, April 20, 2008 

NDP Should Keep Digging To Determine How Stolen Police Files Got To The Saskatchewan Party

The main stream media in Saskatchewan are still giving the new Sask Party government kid glove treatment in terms of the pressure they are applying on the matter of stolen Regina City Police files coming into the hands of the governing party. While there is some coverage, it is minor considering the seriousness of the situation:

"New details are emerging about a retired Regina police officer who allegedly leaked confidential documents to the Saskatchewan Party.

Justice Minister Don Morgan told reporters Thursday he knows who leaked two police reports from 1992 and 1994, but he won't divulge that information. He also said the person isn't a Saskatchewan Party MLA or anyone with close ties to the party. [...] The retired officer is not a high-profile Saskatchewan party operative and it would violate his right to privacy if he was identified, Morgan said."

So we know that the thief (who was formerly a Regina City Police officer) is NOT a sitting Saskatchewan Party Member of the Legislature (well that is a relief) nor someone who is a party insider!

This is a serious matter. Whether the new government in still utilizing its 'honeymoon' status or not, this is a serious crime and the people demand answers.

-Saskatchewan Party Gives Conflicting Stories On How They Came Into Possession Of Stolen Police Reports

-Sask. justice minister had previous contact with alleged suspect

TRENT! I do have a disclaimer on my site! "Right wing crap is not tolerated well here."

Your abusive and extremist opinions are not welcome here.

Your are clearly a Saskatchewan Party supporter who is trying to justify:
-theft of police reports from the Regina City Police,
-possession of stolen property by the Saskatchewan party,
-breach of Canada's privacy laws by the Saskatchewan Party for placing their stolen material on their website (and if it was okay to do it, why did they immediately take the material from their site when the Regina City Police threatened action against them,
-Crown prosecutors in both Saskatchewan and Alberta are very concerned that confidentiality of information given to the Regina City Police can not at the moment be ensured, thereby restricting the ability of the RCP to obtain confidential information from the public,

All of this is done under the cover of what you call a 'scandal' that was THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED by the Regina City Police in 1994 and the RCMP in 2007 ... AND NO CHARGES WERE EVER LAID (some scandal, pal).

Anyway it is obvious to me that you are a paid staffer of the Saskatchewan Party - you probably work in a Minister's office on my taxpayers nickel.

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