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Thursday, April 03, 2008 

Sask NDP Call For Conservative MP's Ouster For Homophobic Remarks

When the Saskatchewan Party vacated their old opposition offices at the Provincial Legislature in November, they left behind something that they will wish they hadn't.

The Saskatchewan NDP Caucus has released the transcript of some old video that shows Regina Conservative Member of Parliament, Tom Lukiwski making some very negative anti-gay comments. With him is now premier, Brad Wall (speaking with a foreign accent - imitating Roy Romanow supporter) and disgraced Conservative Senator Eric Bernston. It appears as if the group was having a party during the 1991 Saskatchewan election when they were all Progressive Conservatives working for re-election of the Grant Devine machine. Here is a sample from the tape:

TOM LUKIWSKI: "Well, let me put it to you this way. There’s A’s and there’s B’s. The A’s are guys like me, the B’s are homosexual faggots with dirt on their fingernails that transmit diseases."

CBC is reporting:

"The Saskatchewan NDP is calling on the prime minister to throw a Conservative MP out of the party caucus over homophobic comments he made in 1991.

The New Democrats in Regina released a DVD to the media Thursday which the party said contains a recording of Regina-area MP Tom Lukiwski making disparaging remarks about homosexuals.

The NDP said it found the 17-year-old tape when it moved into the Opposition offices at the provincial legislature.

"How did I feel when I viewed it? I think I can say disturbing — his comments were disturbing, and it made me feel rather sick," said New Democrat MLA Pat Atkinson.

Shortly after Atkinson released the tape to media in Regina, New Democrat MP Bill Siksay raised the matter during question period in Ottawa.

The B.C. MP said the video showed Lukiwski referring to "homosexual faggots with dirt under their fingernails who spread diseases."

-CBC Saskatchewan

-Globe & Mail has more ......

-Labour chief and former Sask. Liberal leader respond to video ...

The Conservatives don't have a good record with recordings.

First there was Gurmant Grewal, followed by Cadman and now this.
And it's out for people to see.

Time to call in the government and get a new one.

How many more Canadians are tired of this Harperocracy?

How many more Canadians are tired of resurrected Reformist populism?

How many other Canadians are tired of ol' tombstone-eyes Harper?

OT: I heard a lady on the radio and she said her son remarked that the newly-elected Harper had Karla Homolka's eyes.

Lol...funny shit

The realease of this tape, offensive as it is to many people, has no relevance to today's politics. Sixty years ago I had a real hate-on against Catholics simply because a childhood friend, whose parents had left Quebec because of some run-in with the church, had his head filled with anti-Catholic nonsense. Hell, I didn't even know what a catholic was. Fortunately I outgrew the nonsense.
It seems that the NDP, who are so paranoid about U.S. style politics, are the first to jump in with any smear they can find...no matter how outdated or non-relevant. It is just another example of the air of superiority they wear like a hair shirt. No wonder they are falling behind the Greens.
If all the left wing nutters out there think this is a major issue why don't they bring down the government and fight an election on it. It seems to me that their lack of any backbone speaks louder than some idiotic comments made more than a decade ago.

Powell, there is a Saskatchewan element to this story that you are likely NOT aware of it you don't live here. This has more to do with the Saskatchewan Party creating a furor over something they alleged the NDP of from back in 1991.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Wall and Lewkiski forgot the golden rule of politics ... do NOT accuse your opponents of doing that which you, yourself, have done!

Powell Lucas:

Unless you were 40 years old at the time in question, this is irrelevant.

You state that you didn't even know what a Catholic was. At 40 years old, Mr. Lukewski knew damn well what a faggot was and how inappropriate those comments were.

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