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Monday, June 30, 2008 

Conservatives Fought Against Red Maple Leaf

"From the Tory benches the prime minister was greeted by jeers and hoots and shouts of derision. 'Vote with pride', "All right," exclaimed Mr. Pearson, "they have turned it down with jeers and insults, but we will vote with pride."

Shouts, screams, desk-banging - even obscene gestures - marked the final phase of the Conservative fight against the red Maple Leaf Flag.
Introduced in senate today, and even with the last vote they declared that they would not quit and that the fight would go on in the senate, where a similar flag resolution was being introduced today.

The early-morning victory for the new flag had been heralded much earlier Monday when the government had won a vote on its closure motion to limit debate. The count was 152 to 85.

At midnight Monday the result was plain to see when the last Conservative amendment calling for substitution of the Red Ensign for the Maple Leaf flag, was defeated by 162 to 80."

Ottawa Citizen
December 15, 1964

The Conservative Party of Canada has a long history of reactionary, illogical behaviour. The Flag Debate was a classic example. If it had been left up to Conservatives, our beloved Red Maple Leaf would NEVER have been made our national flag!

To this day, Conservatives continue to try and turn this nation into a right wing bastion of political nastiness and reaction.

Harper with a majority and elected senate would change the flag I really do not think he can stand the flag, which is the red and white, like the Liberal colours ,but those are are also Canada's Colours from long before this beautiful flag.
I can just imagine what the Tories would do, if Ontario changed its flag and replaced the Ensign in the corner. I wish they would change it, and put a bigger trillium.

The Conservatives wanted the British jack in the background like Australia to connect us to our roots. It's a very typical conservative principle of prescription.

Leftdog, John Diefenbaker was a proud Canadian.
He was a man of a Generation that saluted the Union Jack. Thats what he felt was Canadian.

I don't agree with his point of veiw but you have a respect the man for trying to keep his flag alive.

``So to each of you I say I believe in Canada - a Canada undivided. A Canadian I was born, a Canadian I will die.''

John G. Diefenbaker

I remember how the new flag resembled the Supertest credit card.

I also remember how it took Centennial Year to make us realise how great we are as a nation.

Then, the new flag took on a new meaning to most of us. Finally, it was a point of pride for us.

I still miss the Red Ensign, though.

One of the reasons I heard about the Flag Fiasco the Conservatives did not want Canada to be marked by a Liberal Red. It was an agenda of the Liberal party to do this they claimed. Some days I think they're crazy.

Dief and the Conservatives were WRONG in 1964 and they did their typical boorish behaviour (much like what Baird and Kenney do now in the House).

But would a Conservative EVER admit that they were wrong about the Maple Leaf?

The Maple Leaf is now the most loved Canadian symbols ... the Conservatives were wrong! (but they have not enough class to ever admit it! - all they have is nastiness and vile, viscious hatred for anything that does not fit into their ideology).

We flew both the Union Jack. British Flag, and the Red Ensign, a British Navy Flag.... the one the Legion wanted to keep

I love the Maple Leaf flag, and there is still a very dear place in my heart for the Red Ensign. I love this country from sea to sea to sea, Leftdog, and feel at home wherever I am in Canada! We have a good thing going in Canada, and we should continue it!

I suppose it is just coincidence the Flag is the same colours as the Liberal Party's? Give me a break, that thing should be hauled down down and shit on by little green Leprechauns.
The Red Ensign with a few touches would be a much more appropriate Flag for this country than the present Liberal Flag.

haven't they thrown you out of Hamilton yet??????

It's interesting that both Australia and NZ didn't feel the urge to change their flags, and the subject meets with much boredom from what I can see.

Perhaps Canada felt overshadowed more than the antipodeans? Certainly the men and women who fought against the change deserve better than the derision they are meted out: they were merely people of their time, and to mock them when they lost the argument (based on their deeply held genuine convictions) shows a lack of good humour and grace.

To destroy what was a part of your *heritage* was a sad thing. A people without a history the ties that bind, if you will - are a mere collection of atomized individuals afloat on a sea of ignorance. And that's just how the ruling Elites like it - atomized, lost and ignorant.

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