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Friday, June 06, 2008 

Stolen Laptop Contained 32,000 Farmers' Bank Account Numbers And SIN's

"About 32,000 Canadian farmers are on the alert after learning a laptop containing their financial information has been stolen.

The laptop has the bank account numbers and social insurance numbers of farmers who applied for Agriculture Canada's advance payments program, which is administered by the Canadian Canola Growers on behalf of the federal government."

CBC News

Clearly, Canada's Federal government still has a lot of work to do to ensure that the confidential financial and personal data of Canadians is safe and secure. You would think by now that this would sink in. I am also going to give a shot here at the Information Technology profession over this situation. How cavalier is it to have a laptop in an insecure location with 32,000 individuals' most confidential information?

I know that most provinces and the Feds have 'privacy commissioners', but tell me please, why it is that these stories keep coming up?

. . .How cavalier is it to have a laptop in an insecure location with 32,000 individuals' most confidential information? . . .

About as cavalier as what Bernier was able to accomplish with his legover lady.

And let's not forget Michael Wilson, when he was finance minister, leaving major documents in the lobby of a Winnipeg hotel! The LOBBY! for crying out loud.

It's seemingly contagious in conservative circles.

David..at least we can go to bed tonight with the assurance that the NDP will never leave state documents behind for prying eyes. You first have to be a governing party to have access to them and we both know that in 10 lifetime's the NDP will NEVER have that opportunity!!!

perhaps what is most disturbing of this whole situation (and it isn't the first time something like this has happened), is that it is so simple to properly encrypt the sensitive information so that a lost/stolen laptop does not result in the theft of private information.

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