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Thursday, June 12, 2008 

Was Pierre Poilievre Assigned To Speak To Harper's Hardcore Reform Base Back Home?

Conservative MP, Pierre Poilievre is getting spanked in public once again for saying the following while Harper was supposed to be giving an apology to survivors of residential schools:
"My view is that we need to engender the values of hard work and independence and self-reliance. That's the solution in the long run -- more money will not solve it."

This comment is not only dumb and reeking of right wing ideology, it was completely inappropriate to be said on the same day that the Government of Canada was giving a formal apology to First Nations, Innu and Metis people.

The timing was so outrageous, I simply have to ask the following question: was Pierre Poilievre assigned to speak to Harper's hardcore Reform base back home?

I wonder if Polivere was tasked (as he quite often is) to make a statement that is intended to resonate with the old Reform ideologues back home in Alberta and Saskatchewan. It seems to me that Polivere has played this role before.

The question is worth asking simply because the only other possible reason for Polivere to have said what he said is because he is a complete moron!

During Statements By Members in Parliament today, the final statment before Question Period was delivered by Conservative MP Pierre Polievre who apologized for his remarks yesterday concerning Aboriginal and First Nations people!

Leftdog.....I just can't believe how twisted your thinking gets some days. Do you seriously think that the Conservatives sit behind closed doors and dream up a scenario like you have alleged? Get a grip man! You go on about the mean spirtited Kate MacMillian at SDA....well my bone-headed friend you are the Kate of the left-wing. So in future you better look in the mirror before your brain gets ahead of typing skills. Most of your comments give me a good laugh, that's why I check your site almost daily, but sometimes you just drift off into the absurd, this is one of those times.

Maybe Jack Layton just pretended to get emotional up as he spoke yesterday...hey if you can do it, so can I.

Ron ... you missed the point entirely ... either Pierre was being moronic or Harper made him do it ... should I put my money on 'moronic'!

Or, that there is actually a serious issue in play -- namely, how it can be that, despite billions of dollars of federal spending on the Indian affairs file, Canada's aboriginals remain so desperately impoverished.

I certainly don't agree with Poilievre's prescriptions on the matter. But a significant policy shift in how the Ministry of Indian Affairs spends its budget is necessary. Also, the lack of accountability once those funds actually reach the reserves is more than a little disturbing, and needs to be rectified.

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