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Tuesday, April 22, 2008 

OUCH! Pierre Poilievre Gets Spanked On Charles Adler Radio Show!

"This whole legal dispute involves Conservative candidates spending Conservative funds on Conservative advertising. Elections Canada wants the power to determine what constitutes a local advertisement and what constitutes a national one. But to do that, they have to dictate what local candidates are allowed to put in their advertising materials. We think that in a free country, candidates decide what goes in their materials, and not a government bureaucrat."
Pierre Poilievre

So the Tory pup is supposed to be convincing us that we DON'T NEED an Election Act and we should let ALL parties do whatever the hell they want without restriction!

Listen here if you want to hear Tory MP Pierre Poilievre get spanked by Charles Adler on his radio show!

Soundbyte courtesy CJOB

Poilievre is small potatoes
Adler is small potatoes

Both are worthy of the junk heap.

The next election will see to that, won't it?

I still am wondering why Harper gave the 'In & Out' file to Poilievre for spin?

Well, why did they cut and run??? too funny.

We all need to start humming now,
The cons got their hands in our pockets, hands in our pockest....

Nice to hear him called out. By the end he sounded like a complete and utter crank. Wonderful.

So the Tory pup is supposed to be convincing us that we DON'T NEED an Election Act and we should let ALL parties do whatever the hell they want without restriction!

With this, like everything else this government does, Pierre is talking to the "base". This is what they believe. The Conservative Party has been taken over by a small group of radical libertarians. Hell, I am more conservative than they are.

that was awesome.

Whoa there Greg. I live in Poilievre riding and trust me, he is no 'libertarian'. He's an authoritarian populist blowhard who wouldn't think twice about promising all kinds of government programs if it thought it would get him elected. In fact, he's always introduces some kind of nonsense, nanny state bill or other ("parents are financially responsible for their teenagers criminal actions" "sell us land for $1" "I got the RCMP to move to the riding (even though it was a done deal before he was elected)").

He's a lot of things - a drooling ideologue chief among them - but he's no libertarian.

That was beautiful. I've not been able to stand Adler because he's so kooky about Climate Change Denial, but he finally trained his guns on a worthy target.

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