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Tuesday, July 29, 2008 

Barbara Amiel SLAMS Conrad's Critics

DOUBLE BARF ALERT - Warning .... only those with stomachs that can withstand complete bull droppings from spoiled, corrupt Right wingers like Barbara Amiel should read this post!

"If ostensibly privileged defendants like us can be baselessly smeared, wrongly deprived, falsely accused, shamelessly persecuted . . . what happens to the vulnerable, the powerless, the working-class people whose savings have been eaten up trying to defend themselves?"
Barbara Amiel

"It's a valid point, albeit one that doesn't take into account Conrad's apparent entrepreneurial recklessness -- especially of venturing into the U.S. where, some 25 years earlier, he'd tangled with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and escaped with a warning."
Peter Worthington
Toronto Sun

Ahh excuse me Ms. Amiel! Your husband is a CONVICTED FELON who has lost all appeals! He is a criminal ... Conrad wasn't persecuted, he was caught and HE WAS PROSECUTED!!

My advise to Babs Amiel is to take a cooking class ... learn how to bake a cake ..... put a file in it ...... send it to Conrad ..... maybe he can file his way out of the bars that confine his sorry Conservative ass!

No comments about Amiel/Black tells lots about the public's perception about how much (?) they matter.

They are a joke. A creative comedy ensemble could have a field day with these two as the topic of a sketch!
The photo I used in this post is classic! .... I call it ... 'Babs, standing by her man ... (well sitting actually)!

I am afraid ... very afraid Bush is going to free him as soon as he has the chance...and This article is an actual appeal to W To Do that ... i wish i would be wrong...


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