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Tuesday, August 19, 2008 

Tory Health Minister Off Base For Questioning Medical Ethics Of Physcians Who Treat Drug Addicts!

"There is growing evidence that harm-reduction efforts can have a positive effect on the poor health outcomes associated with drug use."
Brian Day
Canadian Medical Assoc.

"This is a profound moral issue, and when Canadians are fully informed of it, I believe they will reject it on principle,"
Conservative Health Minister - Tony Clement

"Junkies and pushers don't belong near children and families. They should be in rehab or behind bars."
(Conservative flyer
distributed in Vancouver)

Look into the eyes of a political simpleton. There is a blank look and shallow perception of issues far too complex for the 'dim afflicted' to comprehend.

So it goes for Canada's Health Minister, who wants to reduce drug addiction and treatment to a basic 'black / white' or 'good / evil' level.

The simpletons in Harper's government believe earnestly that their ideology trumps the medical practice and ethics of Canada's medical profession - The CMA!

I have to acknowledge that the Conservative's intentions may be good, but when it comes to the practice of medicine, exactly what the hell does Tony Clement and Stephen Harper know?

They are playing with human lives, afflicted with a deadly disease, whose treatment should be left to the medical professsion - not the concepts Harper learned in economics classes at the University of Calgary.

-Globe & Mail

If you remember, I warned you about Clement several months ago.

I clearly remember how he mis-handled the SARS situation in Toronto. That was a couple of years after the Walkerton water tragedy.
The Mike Harris legacy lives on and we're still trying to undo the damage.

Now Tony's federal as Minister of Health able to do nationally what he did provincially during his Queen's Park days.

Let's hope more Ontarians come forward to expose him for the shallow man he truly is.Time to clear out the stables, in my opinion.

I certainly recall your post about Clement and unfortunately everything you said he would do has come true.

I agree - time to clean these folks out of the government benches.

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