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Monday, September 15, 2008 

Is Cherniak Getting Ready To Find A White Flag?

"I would obviously prefer to see higher Liberal numbers. I'm not wearing blinders. However, as much as I would prefer good news I think it is important to not overstate bad news. The polls aren't good, but they are not determinative of who is doing well. Use your own judgement on who has run the better campaign so far."
Jason Cherniak

Lib blogger guru, Jason Cherniak won't allow my comments on his blogsite. Fair ball ... it is his site and that's his right to block any comment he doesn't want. So as a result, to comment, I have to post something on my site in hopes that readers can connect it to his thoughts.

The Liberals are tanking out! No doubt about it! If they can't figure out the reason, well, they truly are too stupid to even think about forming government. When they chose Dion, they picked a dud leader. They don't want to hear that, they will let him take the brand down even further than it was in election 2006 and when this sorry mess is over, they will ditch him.

And there are STILL four weeks to go!

Meanwhile, Mr. Cherniak continues to dream up reasons to attack ........ Jack Layton!

Well, sorry to break up your little anti-Dion spin, but Nanos and Decima today would say otherwise. The Liberals are starting to cut into the Cons lead.

One of my pet hates is bloggers who disallow comments with no valid reason. I have had comments not allowed on Cherniak's site and they were broadly supportive of what he was saying!

Wow are you ever going to feel dumb when you get a look at the latest polls.

I think the debates will be the major turning point for the parties. The poll results will be stable until the debates. Then, we'll see sharp movements by several of the parties.

By the way, I will let people comment on my site so long as they are not selling sexxx pills, or do not make derogatory or libellous comments toward someone.

You forgot to mention that the Liberals supported the Conservatives for months by abstaining on confidence votes and allowing all sorts of set-Canada-back-100-years bills. Why vote for the Liberals when it just means supporting the Conservatives (through the Liberal MPs non-action in parliament)?

As New Democrat bloggers stated, and MSM and news reported, silly young liberals have picketing Layton NDP rallies and gatherings.

Now that's pathetic.

Hope you like my new profile picture. Fitting for the election of Mice verses the Cats!

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