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Monday, September 15, 2008 

Dion Will Backup EMay - Leader's Debate - (Guest Blog Post)

Buckdog is featuring a post today from guest blogger JanfromtheBruce!

Dion Will Backup EMay - Leader's Debate

Some argued, like Buckdog, that May should not be invited to the debates because she would serve as Dion's back-up, effectively giving the Liberal Party two debaters.

Today, May put this nasty rumour to rest and set the record straight: Dion will be May's backup in the English debate. May says she can do Dion's job of getting people to vote Liberal better than Dion can.
Who would have thought that?

Canadian Press

In an interview Sunday on CTV's Question Period, Green Leader Elizabeth May also alluded to Dion's linguistic obstacle, saying her presence in next month's leaders' debates may actually benefit Dion because she will have an easier time explaining the Green Shift to Canadians.

"Since it's our plan, the Green Shift plan, I can explain it well," May said. "I think the fact that I can explain it may be useful for Canadians in making up their minds on how to vote."
In less than a week, May is slapping those that supported her taking part - in the face.

Who could have thought that? It was obvious, they both have Green Shift platforms, duh?

On other issues, she will not be supporting Dion's Liberals, it's as simple as that. Remember how the Conservatives and NDP supported each other on May's debate inclusion, even though it was the wrong policy? It's better to be together on the right policy, than together on the wrong one.

Turning the table from the 2 for 1 debating duo

The economy is tanking.

So we have cap and trade vs taxing carbon.

Yap, let’s sock it to the many folks sitting around their kitchen tables rather than the boardroom tables as the economy tanks.

Especially when the Green Shift plans to give a whopping 2/3s of those taxbreaks to corporations – self-defeating when talking about energy companies.

Now there's a slap in the face!

Luckily, there's a lot more folk sitting around those kitchen tables - voting ones.

I don't think we should look at May's comments as a slap in the face, but rather as an objective appraisal of something very obvious to all anglo-canadians.

While it definitely isn't polished, I appreciate the candid and direct manner of speaking and am looking forward to her involvement in the future of Canadian politics.

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