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Sunday, September 14, 2008 

"Trying to Market Dion In Saskatchewan !" - 20 Months Later!

Twenty months ago today, I published a post entitled, 'Trying to Market Dion In Saskatchewan - Yikes!' wherein I stated:

"If there is a true wasteland for the Liberal Party in Canada, it must surely be Saskatchewan. Alberta is not much better, but in Edmonton, the provincial Liberals are the Official Opposition Party. In the Saskatchewan Legislature there isn't even one elected Liberal. David Karwaki, Leader of the Saskatchewan Liberals, has tried two times to win a seat; both unsuccessfully." (NOTE: and after last fall's provincial election there STILL isn't one Liberal in the Legislature AND Karwacki is now long gone!) [...]

"There is NO possibility for a Dion breakthrough in Saskatchewan. Ralph Goodale will likely win his seat (as he usually does). The next election will be fought by and large between the New Democrats and the Harper Conservatives. Anyone who leans Liberal (outside of Goodale's Riding) who wants to stop Stephen Harper will VOTE for the New Democrats.

You see, a vote for Stephane Dion in Saskatchewan will help to elect Stephen Harper."

I stand by what I said 20 months ago ... in 13 of Saskatchewan's federal seats, if you vote for a Liberal candidate, you vote for Stephen Harper!

(let Liberal and Green harping and spin commence ...... now!)

My relatives who live in Saskatoon, say there are a ton of NDP signs up, few Conservative signs, and no liberal or Green signs.

That is a good sign!

Same in Regina, I haven't seen one Tom Lukiwski sign in Regina ... (that's my riding) .... tons of NDP and NO Lib signs either. (There are a lot of Goodale signs in his riding).

Well, we will forget the fact that the NDP won zero seats in Sashatchewan in the last election... but otherwise you have a good point. I actually would vote for a N.P.D candidate if they had the better chance to knock off the Tory candidate. Danny Williams sums up my feelings well, ABC.

The part of Saskatoon that I was driving around yesterday had a Ton of Conservative signs, two Liberal signs and Zero NDP signs.

I can bet dollars to donuts that in Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar There are lots of NDP signs as that's the only riding the NDP could possibly win this election.

A vote for the federal Liberals in Saskatchewan is the same as a vote for the NDP, a vote for socialism.

Throughout my adulthood, the federal liberals - beginning with Trudeau - have been clueless when it comes to dealing with Western Canada. Many federal elections, for example, had them demonizing Albertans to shore up votes in central Canada, without realizing the message they were sending to the rest of western Canada - that is, that western provinces could be sacrificied for the greater good.

But political chickens eventually come home to roost, as we see now. When western Canada rose in population and prosperity, the Liberals paid the price for their short-sightedness.

As of Friday, S-R-B had more CPC signs than NDP on my drive in via Hwy 7 and 11th St. In Delisle we're about ten to one in CPC to NDP signs.

john murney: not everything the NDP does is bad, you may want to demonize us, but the NDP
is one of the bigger forces against draconian anti-technology, anti-competition pro-free-market copyright law. And reading The Commonwealth, it sounded like they were interested in renegotiating NAFTA into an actual free trade deal, instead of the government-intervention-overboard farce it is today.

It might definitely house the socialist crowd but it's a federal political party and as such its core property is compromise. Compromise between various citizen groups, various interest groups and various political ideologies. It is not just socialism.

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