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Thursday, September 11, 2008 

Greens Only Have 4 Candidates To Contest Saskatchewan's 14 Federal Seats

For all the yammering I am hearing from Saskatchewan's Green Blogger, I think it is humorous that in Saskatchewan's 14 Federal Ridings, the Greens only have 4 candidates seeking election.

I am sure that by the date that nominations close, they will have strong armed a further 10 individuals to let their names go on the ballot for the Green Party - each and every one a quality candidate, strongly articulating Elizabeth May's viewpoints, I am sure!!

For any Saskatchewan resident who is considering throwing their hat in the ring for the Greens, maybe take a few minutes and read my friend, Dipper Chick's analysis of the current iteration of the Green Party of Canada ... under May's tutelage.

You and dipper chick are completely on the money. May shouldn't have been allowed in the debates but I am pleased that Jack called the game in the end. The media were getting fixated on the debate about the debate and the issues that Canadians face were being shunted aside.

Jack realized that his important announcement on green collar jobs was being swamped by a faux outrage ginned up by MSM.

It is already hard enough for the NDP to get coverage in corporate media, so it was strategically the right thing to do to stop feeding oxygen to this non-story.

Jack has his sights rightly on Harper and now we can move and focus on what really matters to Canadians.

BTW - did you see the two polls that were very favourable for New Democrats?



Which Green "blogger"? There's at least 2 prominent ones.

Thanks Patricia - I hadn't seen the poll results but they are certainly interesting! Welcome back here at anytime!

If you're attacking me, why hotlink to my image?

HAHA! Look at the Greens! They are so small they are having trouble finding candidates! Let us keep trying to squish the little party from climbing up the proverbial ladder of power, while we try to pass the Liberals at the expense of our principles. Har har har! Strong leader! To the top! Silence opponents unless it costs us votes!

It happened to be handy... there ...

Of course in the interest of fair blogging Buckdog, you wouldn't forget to mention that the Liberal Party (a much larger organization) has not yet posted information for all 14 ridings yet. At least four ridings were left "To Be Decided" the last time I looked.

Nominations have no yet closed. For all you know, the Green Party has nominated or selected candidates and has simply yet to post their information on their website...but being so overtly partisan, I don't expect that you would check that out.

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