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Thursday, October 09, 2008 

Stephane Dion - Strike 1 ... Strike 2 ... Strike 3 ..... Unbelievable!!

Inept ........ Incoherent ........ Incompetent ..... and you want our vote to go to this guy?!

It was Fox News North what Duffy did there - I guestion the ethics of it all.. it appears to m he's trying to redcue Mr. Harper.

2ndly, Harper was totally classless for going after Dion on this issue.. it is not dissimilar to the attack on Chretien's facial expressions when he talked back in 1993.. also not coincidentally from the Conservative Party.

Thirdly.. the NDP bloggers should be ashamed of themselves for lowering themselves to the Cons. If I want to see COnservative smear, I expect it at their site or at the Blogging Tories.. not being repeated ad nauseam on supposedly progressive NDP bloggers sites.

When Don Martin - Don frigging Martin of the National Post is condemning the Prime Minister for attacking Dion on this.. when Andrew Potter calls this despicable, and Kady O'Malley concurs, you should figure out, "Dog, that you're on the wrong side of this issue.

You're doing your party proud, Leftdog! Keep it up!

The Liberals want all ABC votes to go to Dion??? Thank you CTV for showing us the REAL liberal leader. How refreshing to see things the way they really are?
PS. Danny Williams, maybe change ABC to NDP? eh?

Somehow I don't think making fun of someone who is working day and night, whose second language is English and gets confused by the difficult verb syntax (likely deliberate given its Duffy) of the question is not appropriate. He did ask for clarification and was obviously concerned that he would answer correctly. Wait for the videos of Harper's mangled french syntax to come now. You get what you give.

NONSENSE to all of your Liberal arguments! Dion is such an academic egghead he can't even wrap his head around the concept of what he would be doing RIGHT NOW were he the Prime Minister. This has nothing to do with his english language skills - it has to do with the fact that he is such a brainiac book doctor that he is completely out of touch with the reality that average Canadians have to deal with!

You have been told that Dion was a liability to your Party since you selected him! You picked him ... deal with it.

I am glad that Canadians get to see what a complete incompetent he is!

There are actually many NDPers who are appalled by the media's disgusting depiction of Dion.

I find your attitude very disturbing and I sincerely doubt most NDP'ers would agree with you. At least not NDPer's I know. You should definitely pay more attention to what is actually being done in this video. We have now watched it as a family and it is obvious the interviewer is continuing to deliberately confuse him more. He could have clarified immediately and he chose not to. Dion wants to be correct. What the hell is "have done" if he is asking him what he would do in the future? I find it confusing and english is my first language. I find Harpers and CTV's actions disgusting. I think Harper may have just nailed his coffin.

To my fellow NDP and Green bloggers, I invite you to read my blog about coming together to beat Stephen Harper. We have lots in common, lets be smart because together we are the majority vote.
I encourage your comments and feedback.

Shame on CTV. They could've been talking about the real issues.

Stanfield fumbles the football...

Dion understands because he ask, "are you asking what I would have done if I was elected 2 1/2 years ago."

But then the report says "NO"!

Ok someone please tell me what time frame the reporter is refering to the past or the future?

There is no win in this question.

If I were writing for and advising Dion, he would have had lines that could easily retort the question:

1) "Well, I certainly would not be doing as Mr. Harper is doing and telling people to see the falling stock market as an opportunity to 'buy low' "!

2) "I think I would be on the phone with the Premiers - clearly, we are all in this together and I would be seeking counsel from my counterparts at the provincial level"

3) "Well I can tell you that I would not be making light of the current financial situation as Mr. Harper has been doing."

Dion could have said anything like that ... but he is too academic to understand the concept!

You Libs are not doing yourselves any favours trying to play this as:
-Dion did not understand the question due to language difficulties
-CTV laid a trap for him

NONSENSE! You have a dud leader who should be teaching at McGill and leaving politics to those who understand politics!!!

STV would solve all of this petty bickering.


So, your point is that Mr. Dion isn't a slick enough politician for you and that an academic's attention to detail is a flaw.

I am surprised to see such explicit anti-intellectualism coming from an NDP supporter. (I could toss a barb about the sort of people who are attracted to Jack Layton's car-salesman style, but I know that there are intelligent people in the NDP.)

'Anti-intellectualism'? .... No ... let's just say that after listening to Liberal poobahs like Jason Cherniak trying to link Layton to 9/11 'deniers' for a couple of weeks now, I am pretty fed up with Liberals in general. At no time did any other Liberal blogger attempt to rein in their blogging colleague!

Dion is a DUD as a politician. He has surrounded himself with lame staffers and advisers ... that was evident with the CTV fiasco earlier today.

Leftdog, Scott is right. This is also at least the 3rd time during the campaign that you've just parroted Blogging Tory fodder. This doesn't show any of things you suggested it does. It's sad that you're harping on this.

A little reminder EVERYONE should read! Read the supplied link.


Harper's Conservatives don't and won't accept government's necessary role of preparing for our future.

Harper followed Bush's example and first deregulated credit. August 2006, than again in November 2006 CMHC relaxed its standards. Prior to Harper, government insured mortgage were a prudent maximum of 25 years and with a minimum down payment of 5%. The introduction of dangerous zero down 40yr mortgages fueled already out of control housing prices. Canada is not suffering to the extend the US people are suffering because the Liberals know there is piper to pay and did not follow Bush deregulating credit. Only after Canada felt the growing credit crises did Harper reverse the dangerous zero down 40yr mortgages effective Oct 15 2008 which he earlier introduced in 2006.

Harper is clueless about the world around him and is in personal denial.

I am particularly disappointed in comments here by Scott and Saskboy!

Scott! .. You have sat silently while Cherniak spent weeks slurring Layton as being a 9/11 denier! When almost one hundred votes were attached to the post asking for Cherniak to be suspended from Prog Blogs ... you said nothing! Yet here you are telling me .. "the NDP bloggers should be ashamed of themselves for lowering themselves to the Cons." (pleeeeze!)

Saskboy .. you should bone up on elections and how they work. Competeing against the Liberals are:
-New Democrats
The fact that I lob shells at the Liberals has you convinced that I am in cahoots with the Conservatives? You are thinking at a Grade 3 poli sci level ... get real!!!!!

The bottom line is that the Liberals are doing all the manipulation and spin they can muster to get NDP supporters to vote Liberal. People need to see this kind of footage and realize that switching to Liberal even though they prefer NDP will not do anything for us. It's just a shame their isn't a second interview asking Jack Layton the same question.

There's nothing wrong with this post.

Yes, Mr. Dion doesn't communicate very well in English. But we've seen in the debates that his comprehension is good. And further, there's nothing underhanded about the interviewer's question. If any native English speaker has problems understanding what the interviewer is asking, I suggest enrolling in remedial courses immediately.

Leftdog, I am also ashamed. I'm ashamed that people insist in propping up this poor display. This is damaging footage -- damaging because it shows Mr. Dion as a questionable choice for leader of this country. And considering the stakes and the size of the gaff, I think CTV was correct in acting as they did.

Libs -- we'll watch you in the leadership convention following the election. Please feel free to tell us then how awesome a party leader he was!

Buckdog, i really thought you were better than this. I am saddened that you are so willing to fall into the vote splitting trap again. Do you not realize that there are ridings that we could have Jesus as the candidate and still not win? The FIRST job is to get rid of Harper!
see www.voteforenvironment.ca to get the job done. And for EXCELLENT riding profiles see www.electionpredictionproject.org These guys were almost dead on regarding both the 2004 & 06 prediction. Don't split the vote people - Harper is counting on you to do just that.

Dave in Calgary ... if you want to stop Harper - Vote New Democrat!

The Liberals propped up Harper for almost two years, abstaining from about 50 recorded votes!

Dion has said that he will NOT consider a Lib/New Democrat coalition. He will, therefore, continue to support Harper in the House of Commons!

I do not want another Harper/Dion Coalition Government.

You have been hoodwinked by Liberal Lies! Step into the light ... leave the Dark Side ... Vote New Democrat!

Let's not make too much of this story.
That said, my response is a big *yawn* to Tribe's chastising comment at the top of this thread. The Liberals, a marketing company posing as a political "party of ideas", are the ones who should feel ashamed for their utter lack of principles.

Marketing company?

Hasn't Mr. Harper's "Conservative Research Group" amassed the most extensive voter marketing database ever created in Canada?

Let's not forget how many millions of dollars' worth of 10 percenters went into that one.

The NDP are opportunist and are forsaking the ways of Broadbent and Douglas. No wonder they are bleeding veteran members.

Sure, cms, the Tories can be called a marketing company too. And your point is?

My point is that every political party is guilty of "marketing".

"All languages deal with counterfactual statements, especially backward-looking ones, a little differently. The subjunctive mood is a basic requirement for claiming the mastery of a foreign language—but it is usually the last of the basic requirements to be learned, and one of the hardest to acquire, because we all discuss counterfactuals in our own mother tongue without ever consciously considering the ontological complexity behind them. Close examination of the CTV footage suggests that Stéphane Dion was not really the victim of some notional hearing problem or a noisy room; he was asked a question in a way that might seem relatively straightforward to native speakers of English, but which actually presented special dangers for him as a non-native speaker."


Left Dog Interesting comment you have regarding Dion refuses to consider a coalition. Of course he is going to say that. To say anything else is to admit defeat. You start talking coalition AFTER Tues. I also find it interesting you obviously think i am a Liberal supporter. My suggestion was simply to vote for the strongest left candidate in each riding. If we get rid of Harper first then we can effect real change in this country. If we just keep on voting partisan we will just give the country right back to Harper, unless we can get 100% of the NDP vote out across the country. Are you willing to bet four more years of Harper Vs. That happening? Sorry but I'm not...

Dave in Calgary ... now I trust that you are putting the VERY SAME message on some good Liberal blogs ... (aren't you? ;) ... you might want to start here!

Left Dog Thanks for the Link!! I tried to post on Cherniak's blog, but it will not accept it. Probably my fault. I am over 50 and obviously not up on my blogging skills!! If there is a way for you to put my comments on his site please do so! Sorry for not being hip to the technology. I see www.electionpredictionproject.org called 06 result for NDP as 29 seats, which they are predicting again. (Low i think) but www.voteforenvironment.ca thinks over 50 seats could be NDP with strategic voting. I'd be interested to hear your comments. I should have learned the blogging game a long time ago instead of waiting until the eve of an election...

I am having a very hard time with this blogging thing. Keeps on refusing my comment. If this gets posted i will try to follow your link. Thanks.

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