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Saturday, November 22, 2008 

Evangelical Christians Required Police Protection After Conducting Anti-Gay Prayer Service In Castro District - San Francisco

Earlier this week, a group of Evangelical Christians who gathered in San Francisco's gay Castro district required police protection after they began to pray and implore gay persons to repent their ways and convert to christianity.

Local gay restaurants and bars emptied out and the evangelicals required police protection to escort them safely out of the district.

-Christians calling for 'Queers to convert' chased out of Castro district ...

- .. and as you would expect, 'Nuke'em Coren' is portraying the hate mongering christians as 'victims' ....

The evangelicals went into the Castro district. That's almost like entering enemy territory. Let's put it another way, imagine if 40-50 persons of a faith showed up at your door uninvited. How would you feel?
What would be synonymous to party crasher in a situation like this?

What's most embarrassing of the whole thing is how the police seemed to side with the "invading" evangelicals and sidelined the district residents.

Funny, how these things happen in a country where they profess separation of church and state yet have emotional issues like gay rights on a ballot paper.
If it's a statutory item, let the lawmakers rewrite or repeal the statutes. They were elected for that purpose, weren't they?


As for Coren, he continues to prove how the world can have two Popes at the same time. The other has a German accent

Coren is a fascist (and probably repressed sexually?) - of course he would aver the evangelicals were victims. Seem to remember a Pontius Pilot news release 2000 years ago that claimed the Jerusalem mobs were victims too!

A couple of thoughts about this:

(1) The police acted appropriately in escorting the bible thumpers out. Regardless of what I think of the religious right's tactics, they do have a valid right to being protected.

(2) Torontonian has a point with respect to the appropriateness of the religious groups actions - it's really little different than entering a 'biker bar' in obvious drag - you can expect people to react badly, especially when you hit on them.

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