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Saturday, January 10, 2009 

Oh, By the way, Harper Gov't Shelves Plans To Change The Wheat Board!!

"The federal government appears to have quietly shelved legislation to remove the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly on the export of Western Canadian barley ..."
Regina Leader-Post

In the hours prior to the announcement that the RCMP was investigating five Conservative Members of Parliament for illegal use of the Canadian Wheat Board voters list, the Harper government announced that it will not proceed with plans to kill the mandate of the Canadian Wheat Board!

Coincidence? ..... I think not! Why? Well, here is what our Prime Minister said last June on the CWB:

"We'll continue to fight in Parliament. We'll continue to fight in the legislature. But the bottom line is this, mark my words, Western Canadian farmers want this freedom and they are going to get it. And anybody who stands in their way is going to get walked over."
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Saskatoon - June 20, 2008

He thought that last election would give him the freedom to finally enact all of his agenda without even the limited restraints he was under before - instead he's more constrained then ever. We've seen how well he deals with the frustration of having his will flouted. The Harper household is unlikely to be a happy one at the moment.

Curious how western Canadian farmers who so desperately want 'this freedom" keep electing CWB directlors who oppose dual marketing.

Could it possibly be that Prime Minister Harper is wrong about what prairie farmers want?

The PM is as guilty as his 5 MPs of interfering in the CWB Elections. He lost a court case once already by trying to ram through changes to the board without Parliamentary authority.

The RCMP should start their investigation of the 5 MPs right where it all started - the PMO.

The Harper Party is looking more like the motley crew from the Monty Python movie "Life of Brian."

The scene that keeps recurring in my mind is where King Arthur and his coconut cloping clan retreat in haste when the Frenchmen throw a cow at them from the top of the castle.

Kind of like what Quebec voters did to Brian, I mean Stephen, in the last election.

Canadians are finally on to Harper and starting to "fart in his general direction."

Ken, Ken, Ken, how DARE you mix up "Life of Brian" with "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." How DARE you!


Like some other apparent backing down, I suspect this is merely a matter of short term expediency.

Harper is struggling for his political career, and his political legacy at the moment.

If Canadians are ever stupid enough to give him a majority, I suspect we will see something that makes what he's tried to this point seem quite benign.

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