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Saturday, January 10, 2009 

More Details On RCMP Investigation of 5 Conservative MP's For Illegal Use Of Wheat Board Voters List

It is being reported that four of the five MPs involved in the RCMP investigation are from Saskatchewan. They are David Anderson, Randy Hoback, Andrew Scheer (a Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons) and Ed Komarnicki. The fifth is Kevin Sorenson from Alberta.

During the campaign period for elections to the the Canadian Wheat Board, pamphlets promoting the removal of monopoly powers were circulated to farmers in western Canada by five Conservative MPs. Western farmers overwhelmingly ignored the Tory position and elected Board Members who support the current 'single desk' mandate of the the CWB ... much to the dislike of Stephen Harper's Conservatives.

It is alleged that the recipients of the mail-outs were the same exact same people as appeared on the voters list for the election. Typographical and spelling errors that existed on the master Wheat Board voters list also appeared on the mailing labels used by the five Conservative Members of Parliament.

Suspicions arose, which prompted the investigation, when people outside the constituency of the MPs received the pamphlets.

In the blogosphere, apologists for the Conservative party have already begun a massive 'spin' job arguing that the CWB should have its monopoly mandate struck down.


Thanks for the update with the names!

Same supporters of GE crops,those CONS.
Very unCanadian.
What does Percy Schmeiser have to say about this?
Did you ever hear the song: Patent on the Wind? Fabulous.
I don't know how to link.
When I was growing up the CWB was as important as Rogers Golden on our Red River Cereal.
My dad was a pioneer farmer in Saskatchewan.
In the same area as Elmer Laird.

Bill Henderson, used to be with "Chilliwack" belts out his "Patent on the Wind" if you want a listen its on his website: Gone, gone ,gone.com
I get to hear him at the Farmers Institutes Fall Fair for free.

Thanks ... here is that link so others can hear it!

Start the investigation at the source. The PMO.

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