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Thursday, January 29, 2009 

Saskatchewan NDP Leadership Race ... Is Now Actually A RACE!

Back in October, I wrote a post concerning the race to replace Lorne Calvert as leader of the Saskatchewan New Democrats.

First out of the starting block was former Deputy Premier, Dwain Lingenfelter.

The next few months saw a one person race ... not very exciting .... certainly NOT what Saskatchewan New Democrats need if they want to generate some excitement and public interest.

But what is this? We actually have a race now!

President of the Saskatchewan New Democrats, Yens Pederson, has thrown his hat into the ring and by golly ... we have an actual race!

Pedersen is a lawyer living with his family in Regina. He has an interesting background and was elected as president of the Saskatchewan party last year.

Political columnist, Murray Mandryk has provided a good article on Pederson and the race to date. Give it a read.

-Pedersen brings NDP race to life

He's cute!
Obama girl would like him!

Moose Jaw, this weekend, except another announcement.

"Look how far we've come since the 1930s. If you look at the (Regina) Manifesto (the document written in 1933, establishing the NDP's forerunner, the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation) most of those things have come to pass."


News to me.

Underwriting the losses of the Banks for their speculative ventures and granting them carte blanche to gouge consumers with an uneneding parade of services fees hardly constitutes the nationalization of the banking sector as called for in the Regina Manifesto.

Nor could one pass of the profliferation of WalMarts, Big Box Stores and a flood of goods from China as moving toward an economy that is planned to meet the needs of the people.

I don't see a satisfactory National Labour Code and I hardly think that the various Free Trade Agreements would meet the test of orderly marketing.

There's more, but seriously dude! "Most of those things have come to pass"

I think not.

This is why I am glad that we have an actual race now ... so that discussion can ensue. We need it!

Sean ... any more info that we can squeeze outta you?

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