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Thursday, January 29, 2009 

Why Doesn't Harper Government Want President Obama To Address Parliament?

"A senior Canadian government official said Mr. Obama will not be addressing Parliament during what he described as purely a "working visit."
Globe & Mail

New Democrat MP, Libby Davies rose in the House of Commons today and reminded Members that February 19th, the date that President Obama will visit Canada is not a scheduled sitting day for Parliament. Ms. Davies asked Conservative House Leader, Jay Hill, to consider declaring February 19th as a 'special sitting day' of the House in order that President Barack Obama may address Parliament.

Tory MP Jay Hill, brushed the request off and said that all arrangements are being made by the Prime Minister's Office.

One has to wonder, why Steven Harper does not want President Obama to address the Canadian people by speaking in the House of Commons.

American presidents who have addressed Canada's Parliament include: Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

President George W. Bush was scheduled to address Canada's Parliament, but numerous protests in Ottawa resulted in a shift of his speech to Halifax.

So ... why doesn't Stephen Harper want President Barak Obama to speak to Canada's elected Members of Parliament? Is it because of Harper's ecstatic 'love in' with American Republicans and Bush?

President Barak Obama should be speaking in the Canadian House of Commons on February 19th. Period!

-Halifax Chronicle-Herald has more ...

The simple answer is that Harper doesn't like to be eclipsed by anyone else.

He still lives by the conceit that he's the smartest person in the room.

Obama out-classes, out-brains, and out-charismas Harper by a great amount.

Obama is streets ahead of Harper, in other words.
Harper will not abide that in full view of the Commons and Canada when the applause for Obama would be thunderous and for Harper, lukewarm.

It's a pride and vanity thing and pride goeth before a great fall.

Let's hope that fall comes soon!


I must have been listening to another question period. I thought Jay Hill said that Obama's handlers had scheduled his visit.
Naughty Tories, not over-riding Obama's people.

It's not a state visit. Normally a foreign leader addresses parliament during a state visit. This one's a working visit. If it was a state visit, there's be more protocol stuff taking place and it would be the GG's office organising it.

Harper cannot take the chance that Obama will mention building a green economy, or anything that would remotely stir the interest of the Canadian people. Keep them afraid and half asleeep. That's what Steve wants.

The Harpocrit lost his beloved master. And as Torontonian pointed out so well, BHO puts him to shame in every way.

and I Second leftdog's Amen.

As far as I am concerned, Obama is free to address Parliament -- and to take over this silly dysfunctional country of ours.

I'd welcome him even more so if he stepped in front of the assembled MPs to announce the new "Obama-Canada Purchase of 2009".

I think Obama has things to say that Canadians need to hear!

Rather rude of him not to let Obama address Parliament, don't you think?

However, if it's only a working visit, as Canadian said, then, it's possible that Obama doesn't have to address Parliament.

(Same rule applies here in Europe.)

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