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Friday, February 06, 2009 

Primitive Japanese Practice Of Whale Killing Continues!!

(I am going to attempt AGAIN to be both provocative and insulting with this post).

Japan must be an extremely primitive nation. Their whaling fleet continues to kill some of the most intelligent creatures on the planet in order that some Japanese citizens can have a 'sentimental* taste treat'.

I have nothing but contempt for a nation that disregards both scientific evidence and world opinion in their cavalier desire to convert an intelligent and endangered mammal into sushi. Whales should not be treated the same way that the Japanese commercial fishery treats a sardine.

Let me be perfectly clear if I have not yet done so .... the Japanese whaling industry is criminally insane and deserves to be challenged and condemned! What is wrong with Japanese world view that it so blatantly disregards scientific facts - what a primitive nation indeed! Shame on the Japanese! How can they be considered a 'civilized' people IF they cannot see that whales are one of the higher intelligent life forms on the planet. A humpback whale should neither be considered 'food' nor a commercial resource! They are one of the planets higher life forms and deserve to be treated as such.

"The Japanese whaling fleet, undaunted by international protests, plans this year to catch about 1,000 whales for "scientific purposes" in the Antarctic ocean. Critics regard Japan's scientific whaling a cover for commercial whaling, while Japan argues that it was necessary to catch a number of whales to gain information."

-The Globe & Mail has more ....

* "Japan has hunted whales for hundreds of years, and the meat is a sentimental favorite of people who lived through the lean postwar years, when whale was the chief source of protein because Japan couldn't afford pork or beef. Whale was a common family dish, and many schoolchildren ate it every day."
-Proof of exactly how primitive the Japanese mindset is when it comes to killing whales ...


I rarely eat tuna, let alone whale.

-A tuna is a fish.
-A Whale is a mammal!

-A tuna is fairly mindless.
-A Whale is extremely intelligent and some species have language.

-A Japanese Whale eater is fucking stupid!

My friends had whale sashimi not long ago, and I was supposed to go too, but I was sick that day. I will probably go eat some whale sashimi at some point in the near future though.

Apparently it tastes like a mix of beef and fish!
*awaits the flames of anger*

Talking to someone as primitive as you, I need to ask if you are house trained or do you just shit in the middle of the floor when you are outvisiting people?

Have you tried cannibalism yet?

just being silly dog, i agree with you on this one.

No prob Trent. As regards the Japanese, I do not begrudge them something to eat. However, it is pretty hard to deny that Whale numbers are not what they should be and those who want to eat them should use their brains and let these creatures be.

I feel the same way about the killing of wild primates in Afrca.

But when it comes to Whales, I expect better from the Japanese. They are a civilized and intelligent nation, but this eradication of a proven, highly intelligent life form for the purposes of 'sashimi' deserves our utter contempt and criticism!


My site meter shows that I have had quite a few hits tonight on this post from Japan ... yet none of them have the guts to come here and try and defend their primitive Whale eating practices!

So .. I will continue to insult ....

Those hits are probably just from me, hitting refresh a few times :P

As for cannibalism, no, I figure we'd probably get some Mad Cow Disease type thing going on from that. :P

Wow...do you walk upright or on all fours? These mis-directed hostile approaches rarely gain support for 'any' cause. Unfortunate for the progress of stategic advocates to be dragging you along.

Trek ... the Japanese people and government have earned the contempt and ridicule of the world for continuing to consider whales as being no different than a sardine. Why should I be civil with them? ... do I walk on all fours! You are an idiot! Do you eat whales? Do you endorse what the Japanese are doing?
Piss off.

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