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Thursday, March 19, 2009 

Come And Hear Saskatchewan Conservative MP Speak And WIN A HANDGUN!!

"OTTAWA–A Saskatchewan Conservative MP is coming under fire for his starring role at a gun lobby dinner in the Greater Toronto area next month where the raffle prize is a Beretta semi-automatic handgun.Garry Breitkreuz is the guest speaker at the Canadian Shooting Sports Association's (CSSA) annual general meeting and dinner on April 18 in Mississauga, where he's to be lauded for his private member's bill to abolish Canada's controversial long-gun registry and relax rules on prohibited and restricted weapons.

The "special dinner draw" of this "very rare and valuable collector's item" is advertised on the association's website. Raffle tickets will be sold at the dinner for $20 each or three for $50."

The Star

-Gun lobby withdraws dinner invite for Tory MP

An invitation for a Conservative MP to attend a gun lobby dinner near Toronto next month has been withdrawn after a controversy erupted over a handgun being raffled off at the event.

How is this a controversy?

You are NOT very in touch with Canadian reality are you? Canadians by and large, unlike Americans. do not embrace, value or want handguns as part of our culture! A city like Toronto where the gang wars have seen far too many persons killed by handguns, especially does not appreciate some group of baby boomers who want to play 'Daniel Boone' offering a hand gun as a 'prize' - it gives the wrong message.

If you don't like Canada, or Canadian values, move to the States, buy all the guys you like and live a life where your chances of being shot are hundreds of times higher than what exists in Canada!

P.S. I know that you don't like what you call 'bleeding hearts' but perhaps you will be courageous enough to investigate your beliefs just a bit:

"America's gun problem is a handgun problem. Handguns exact an inordinate toll on American lives. The vast majority of gun death and injury–in homicides, suicides, and unintentional shootings–is carried out with easily concealable pistols and revolvers."

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