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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 

Every Right Wing 'Unfettered Free Market' Advocate Stands Accused!!

You know who you are! You damn Conservative Party, Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Republican Party, Fraser Institute, Manning Centre types! You have been ideologically incorrect and should be mocked and reprimanded for what you have done to the world's economy!

-You advocated and worked towards a world where the corporate elite has been able to operate without sufficient regulation, without laws that would protect the average citizen who goes to work every day and earns a wage.

-You advocated and worked towards a world where you put money and capital over any other aspect of human life, like health care and other social measures to help the 'people'.

-You advocated 'Greed' as a virtue to be practiced without any intereference.

-You maintained an economy and society where the golden rule is 'Buyer Beware'! (If an entrepreneur can screw you ... too bad for you!)

The hard working wage earners of the world have not even begun the retribution that you deserve.

Repent while you still can!!

-Go, Grassley, go! AIG execs should kill themselves!

.... I feel better now .......

I'll be glad to repent when Obama and Dodd give their campaign contributions back...

Love of money is...the root of ... all evil?
But why is the outcry only now? This has been going on for years.Decades, centuries.

Uncle Meat you are merely trying to murky the waters by talking apples in a topic about oranges!

I am talking about 8 years of Republican administration where 'de-regulation' was the rule!

I am talking about over 2 years of Conservative Canadian administration where the same rules apply.

This 19th century economic view that if you 'stroke big business ALL will eventually benefit' has failed!

I am not talking about who donates to who ... a plague on all their houses! And typical of your story, here is AIG donating to both sides in the American election!

Your comment is totally irrelevant.

Here's the problem leftdog, none of the organizations you quote are, in fact, 'Unfettered Free Market' advocates.

They are rather, economic fascists or what we true free market advocates call 'vulgar libertarians'.

They say they are for the free market, but the still advocate for government interference that supports their conies. any 'deregulation' was just enough to privatize profits and socialize losses and that is definitely NOT something that would occur in a 'free market' - the so called regulations helped those being regulated rather than harm them.

It is a case of the Conservative Nanny State.

You might be interested to know there are many free market advocates that recognize that without state interference on their behalf and too their benefit, 'Big business' and 'Mega corporations' could not exist.

The stroking of big business isn't a free market view, but an excuse by economic fascists to steal your money and pretend it is about the free market.

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