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Friday, March 20, 2009 

If You Believe In CREATIONISM, You Might Also Believe .....

.... that the entire Universe has only existed for about 6000 years!!

.... that Noah rounded up 2 of EVERY land dwelling species on planet Earth, including all of the species in Australia, Asia, Africa, South America and North America, herded them to the Middle East AND placed them ALL on one BOAT with enough food to last for at least 40 days of a flood that engulfed the ENTIRE Earth!

.... that females of the Human species were made from a rib taken from the male of the Human species!

.... that women should be stoned to death for adultery and that men should have a bath if they are adulterous!

.... that 6 Billion humans spewing massive amounts of carbon dioxide and pollutants are having NO impact on the Earth's atmosphere!

.... that treating drug addiction as a 'health problem' is wrong and those so afflicted should simply be put in jail!

.... that Afghanistan is a war that Canada can 'win;!

.... that George Bush was a great leader and made the world safer!

Have you got some more? ..........


Why were there no dinosaurs on the ark?

Wasn't it a long swim for the kangaroos?

Goodyear is cabinet material?

LOL! "Wasn't it a long swim for the kangaroos?"

On the Creationist website, 'Answers in Genesis', they answer your question for you! They claim that before the Great Flood (the 40 days of rain), the oceans were not all that deep and it was possible to just walk in the shallow water of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans to the Middle East. They claim that after the 40 days rain and flood, the oceans were now very deep! LOL .. so there! ;)

That someday Jack Layton and/or the NDP will win a majority and govern Canada!

....getting under your skin am I, Ron? .......

Just like a big ol" fat tick!!

Oh well ... sorry about that ... unfortunately the truth hurts!

Yeah, well, who says there were no dinosaurs on the Ark? Isn't that why Noah had to build it an extra 4,000 feet long?

Creationists (and some rabid atheists) confuse the purpose of scripture and the purpose of science.

The Bible is not intended as a scientific text.

Origin of Species is not intended as a theology text.

Ah yes Malcolm, you can get all reasonable on us. You're an Anglican, not a true believer. You need Christianity on crack to understand this argument. You moderates can be so annoying.


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