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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 

"Steady, As She Goes" (2) - The Nova Scotia New Democrats

"WITH VOTING day now in sight, the big story of the 2009 campaign has to be the affirmation of Darrell Dexter and the NDP as front-runners. They may be just barely ahead in an election where many votes will be split three ways, but they are clearly ahead.

They are running a quiet campaign without a lot of noise, typical of front-runners. The Conservatives are attacking every day. They know they’re behind.

There’s only been one public survey, but it seems to confirm a trend in place for more than a year. The poll suggests that almost four in 10 Nova Scotians will vote for the NDP. That’s enough for a minority government.

The poll also suggests that fewer people are satisfied and more people are unsatisfied with the Tories and Rodney MacDonald. That’s not good news for them."

The Chronicle Herald

-Nova Scotia New Democrats explain the problem with a Conservative government ....

-Reality Check proves truth in the old saying ... Liberal / Tory ... same old story for Nova Scotia!

While I am personally elated that Dexter's NDP is ahead in the polls; I am worried that they are running too "quiet" a campaign. I would prefer to see them be a little more proactive in trying to appeal to 'centrist/lib' vote. In the closing days I hope they start to talk a more boldly and proudly of what they and their platform have to offer Bluenosers' - it need not be bombast, just facts.

There is a report (I'm told copied on rabble) of a new poll showing:

NSNDP - 45%
PCNS - 25%
LPNS - 24%

I think that Nova Scotians are fairly comfortable with Dexter. He is a good communicator and is not considered 'radical'.

The right wing Conservatives and Libs are having a hard time trying to portray him as some 'evil socialist' ... blah blah.

With the province's accumulated $12 Billion debt, (from both Tory and Liberal administrations) it's kinda hard for the other parties to invoke fears of 'free-spending' NDPers.

I think Dexter is going to do fairly well.

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