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Tuesday, September 01, 2009 

Convicted Murderer - Colin Thatcher Releases His Memoirs Today - 'I Was Framed!'

Progressive Bloggers

He's the son of a former Liberal Premier of Saskatchewan. He was an elected Conservative Member of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly. He was a Cabinet Minister in the Grant Devine Conservative government. He was convicted of 'being responsible for the death of' his estranged wife, days before she was to receive a large divorce settlement. He has lost every legal appeal that he launched. His name is Colin Thatcher. His memoirs were released today. He claims that a massive conspiracy by the entire Saskatchewan judicial, political and police worlds, set him up and framed him.

-Regina Leader Post
-Thatcher: The Master Manipulator - Murray Mandryk

CBC Digital Video Archives - The 1983 Murder of Joanne Wilson (Thatcher)



Colin was first elected as a Liberal in 1975. He crossed the floor and was re-elected as a Conservative in 1978 and 1982.

Ahh ... yes ... he was one of the horde of Liberal MLA's who ditched that party and crossed to Dick Culver ... Thanks!

I'm going to read. Doesn't mean I'll believe him, but I want to read what he has to say.
Be honest; aren't you all just a little curious?

Trent, I plan on reading the book as well.

If, in fact, Mr. Thatcher did not actually pull the trigger, then I firmly believe that he knows EXACTLY what happened that night.

The question he asked the Police, the very moment that he was arrested, IS, in my opinion, an extremely important aspect of this story.

Funny you should mention that. Sinceit happened my mother has always brought up the exact same point about what he asked the police.
I don't believe that he pulled the trigger, but I'm sure he knows who does.

;) wink wink nudge nudge ...

A key thing to remember is that Thatcher was not convicted of 'the murder' of Wilson .. he was convicted of 'Being responsible for the death' of Wilson.

Enough said.

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