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Tuesday, September 29, 2009 

Harper Gov't Pays $100,000 To Buy Back Priceless Silver On Loan To Canada From The Royal Family - Sold At Auction

In June, I told you how the Federal government goofed up in a big way. In their haste to liquidate publicly owned assets, someone in the Conservative government sold silver items that were on loan to Canada from Buckingham Palace and the British Royal Family.

Well, quietly and steadily, the Conservative government has now been able to buy back all of the silver that was on loan to us - and it only cost taxpayers $100,000!

Pssst ... don't tell the Queen of England!
-Ottawa Sun

Progressive Bloggers

Perhaps the civil servants who did committed this execrable deed should be docked their pay and return that to general treasury.

Harper is always going on about responsibility, so let's see him deliver on this remediation.

The part of this story that I find the most interesting isn't even addressed in the MSM reporting. That is ...
-what criteria does the Harper admin use for liquidation of public assets? -
-What assets?
-Who decides?
-Who oversees it?
-Who approved it?
-Does the Auditor General have any oversight or function related to it?
-Where do the proceeds from these asset liquidation assets go?
(I could go on and on with questions ....)

It used to be the Crown Assets Disposal Corporation, later the Department of Supply and Services.

Now it seems to be Treasury Board and their link follows:


I suspect this was done on the Q/T
so as not to arouse public scrutiny and I'll bet insiders were the prime beneficiaries.

So, where's the open honest and accountable government now, eh?

I wonder what happened at the Mint?

Good question .. never did hear what happened to the missing gold. Although there was one report that suspected the missing gold exited the mint dissolved in bottles of acid which would not be detected by metal detectors. The RCMP have been very quiet about their investigation.

Glad you mentioned it!

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