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Wednesday, October 14, 2009 

Even The National Post Is Slamming Conservatives For Party Logo On Government Cheques

Conservatives Embrace Culture Of Entitlement:
"The Conservatives have been testing the limits of acceptability with their big cheques for some time. Earlier this year, Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan brought the bacon home to his riding in Ontario, in the form of two oversized blue cheques emblazoned with the maple leaf logo of the Government of Canada and an inscribed line: Delivering change for the better.

Mr. Keddy's photo opportunity - along with another from B.C. Conservative Colin Mayes, that actually featured his face on the cheque - has pushed the flight envelope on entitlement still further.

The Conservative spin machine now says that the use of the logo was not endorsed by the party, which was not aware it was being used. This version of events asks us to believe that all these MPs came up with the giant cheque wheeze off their own bat. Since most Conservative backbenchers follow the old HMS Pinafore line of voting at their party's call and never thinking for themselves at all, this seems scarcely plausible.

What is smart is that, having screwed up in such grand fashion, the Prime Minister's Office is now back-pedalling furiously.

This has the potential to do tremendous damage to the Conservatives. All the polling shows that their Achilles' Heel is the perception that they have a tendency to put their party's interests ahead of the country's."

The National Post

-National Post Editorial - "NO LOGOS!

-The Star challenges Harper's PMO to check what they said last July on the matter ...

Progressive Bloggers

Canadian Press

CTV also asks some very hard questions about using taxpayers money to promote Conservative Party

If this explodes and causes them damage, funny that. So many major Conservative sleezeball antics don't seem to faze the public as much as you'd expect.

But you know, the issue here could be that the Conservatives aren't just favouring who gets money, they are acting as if it is theirs, not ours.

One of the few examples of good Liberal messaging:

"Conservatives: Your money. Their friends."

"One of the few examples of good Liberal messaging" LOL ... Mark ...!!

While we pretend to be a functioning democracy, Canada is a fascist state, controlled by an iron beaurocracy that has been in power since Trudeau managed to blunder away control of the functions of government. Prime Ministers come and go, but the mandarins are eternal.
Shame, total shame! Is this what we will allow? Be prepared folks.

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