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Monday, October 12, 2009 

Garth Turner Returns His 'Liberal Decoder Ring' And Lashes Out At Everybody

"Some months ago I was encouraged to return to federal politics. I succumbed. Big mistake. Yesterday I corrected that, and am returning my Liberal decoder ring. In fact, it’s fair to say my experiences in politics over the past four years have reminded me why 97% of Canadians do not belong to a party.

My motivation for dallying with MPship again was similar to my desire to maintain this conversation with you. The times are uncertain. Questionable decisions have been made. The consequences will be long-lasting. We should elect people driven to solve problems, not just attracted to power.

To date, no party or leader has treated you honestly to an explanation of what a $56 billion deficit or $600 billion debt mean for your family or your finances. Suggesting there’ll be no tax hikes, spending cuts or mortgage increases is akin to Stephen Harper telling us one year ago Canada was immune to recession and our budget would stay balanced. It’s crap. But apparently crap that people like hearing.

Such talk has surely not endeared me to the new Liberal leader. Can’t say I’m surprised. But neither can I stay. I’m too old and crusty to cave now."

Garth Turner's Blog

Official Statement by Garth Turner:
"After being recruited to run for MP in the Ontario riding of Dufferin-Caledon, and having my candidacy approved by the Liberal Party last July, today I informed the leader of my resignation.

My hope in returning to Parliament was to help clear the path to a viable economic future. Stephen Harper’s $56 billion deficit and profligate spending are massive threats. But also threatening is a lack of debate about viable options and an honest conversation with voters and citizens on the looming consequences.

Therefore it’s hard to see what the coming election will be about if we’re not prepared to discuss the options in the wake of the Harper fiscal disaster. Economic growth alone won’t wipe out an historic debt load or the need for spending cuts and tax hikes. The looming HST in Ontario and BC is likely but a taste of medicine to come. This is what Canadians need to understand.

A year ago Stephen Harper said there would be no recession and no deficit. That was untrue. Now he says there will be no consequences of our record shortfall. Also untrue.

In my financial books and writings I’ve warned of the need for families to invest wisely, use debt carefully and live within their means in an uncertain world. Rather than tell voters interest rates and taxes won’t rise nor spending fall, leaders should guide us all into realistic choices. Sadly, that doesn’t win elections.

In Dufferin-Caledon I have been the only nominee for MP candidate since August. I’m interpreting the leader’s failure to allow a nomination meeting as a signal my views are unwelcome.

- 30 -


Turner may be a 'rogue', a wing-nut if you will, but he speaks the truth. Regardless of one's own ideological predisposition or their hardwired party group-think affiliation - one thing is for certain: the failure of our opposition leaders (Bloc excluded) to be honest with Canadians on the future price that we may need to pay to extricate ourselves from Ottawa's current deficit spending is a travesty.

Of course, Harpo will lie to us all to preserve his power. What else is new? We know we can believe nothing he says. But it is incumbent on the others (Iggy & Layton) to speak clearly about how they would resolve the current ledger sheet nightmare at the Treasury. As a country we now face a fiscally reality that cannot be addressed by lies and half-truths pretending to offer solutions.

We are at a crossroads, and it is high time that one of the opposition leaders started to exhibit the gonadal gravitas to speak honestly about our situation. To clarify both their solution and their priorities. Either drastic program and service cuts are needed (in my opinion the wrong approach) - or - we must reconcile ourselves to the necessity of introducing fair and properly targeted tax increases (put GST back to 7%, re-structure taxes on foreign companies, etc.,).

That the two pretenders (Iggy & Layton) continue to shy away from speaking truth to this essential reality is a travesty. Time for one of them to demonstrate that Harpo is lying about the way out. Time for them to speak directly to the real solution: raising taxes. Is there a political downside - for sure. But better to be honest than play the Tory deception game.

Iggy and Layton, ... gentleman, it is time one of you grew a pair of balls and started to speak honestly our future. Taxes or program cuts? The choice is yours. Half-truths, honesty or deception?

Gents, whatever you do, don't try to pretend (like the wannabe 5th Beatle asshole who now sits atop our federal mountain) that there is no price to be paid for our current woeful balance of accounts. Going forward under Harpo all average Canadians will suffer - social program cuts that effect primarily the young and disadvantaged will reign supreme. Time for one of you to offer the logical alternative- renewed and fair taxation of the wealthy. It's high time one of you looked into the mirror and decided it was high time to be honest with we Canadians! We're waiting,...

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