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Thursday, October 22, 2009 

Harper To His Tory MP's - ' shut your trap and run away from Wildrose Alliance'

"A carved-in-stone commandment for MPs came down from the mountain this week. If those wretched media ask about Alberta's fledgling Wildrose Alliance, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told his caucus, shut your trap and run away.

That explained the vapor trail left behind by usually friendly MPs as they emerged from their weekly meeting to pause, listen to my question, and dash full throttle for office cover."

Don Martin
National Post Full Comment

Calgary Conservative MP, Rob Anders attended the Wildrose Leadership Convention on the weekend and Alberta PC's have their shirts in a knot! Harper clearly doesn't want a right wing family feud getting out of control in his back yard.

Here's betting that an angry Premier Stelmach phoned Harper in a real snit after Alberta's Health Minister Ron Liepert and Federal MP Anders got into it via the media.

Progressive Bloggers

In fairness, I'm not entirely sure how these responses are supposed to differ from what Martin would normally get from the Cons. Isn't "nothing to say", "some other time" or "no comment" their standard reply when there isn't a party soundbite developed on an issue?

Damn, I wanted the Conservative Party of Canada to slide into this mess :P

Kinch, I think that some of the Tory MP's from Alberta will find it impossible to not get involved to some degree. There is going to be 'poaching' of volunteers as well as competition for $$ contribution from PC ranks by the Wildrose Alliance.

Keep an eye on this for more entertainment.

Nigel Hannaford is reported to have left the Calgary Herald to write speeches for Stephen Harper.

Before he left, Hannaford wrote in support of Smith, and I think I saw somewhere that his wife Judy actively campaigned for Smith.

I'm pretty sure Klein (Don Martin's buddy) and Harper hate each others' guts; I don't know about Stelmach.

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