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Thursday, October 15, 2009 

The Opening Arctic Seaway Provides A Crack In The 'Climate Change Denial' Argument

No matter what climate change deniers say, the Arctic Ocean is becoming more and more ice free during the summer months. The centuries old desire for a 'Northwest Passage' is now a reality.

In response to the opening Arctic seaway each summer, Canada's Conservative government is quietly making moves to protect its sovereignty now that international Arctic shipping is about to boom.

The disconnect for Canada's Conservative government is that while it must deal with the reality of an opening Arctic seaway, it is also largely supported by the climate change denial crowd. Right wing bloggers who receive funding from the oil industry, spout and spew junk science denying that a global warming is triggering climate change and a lessening of old permanent ice. Yet they are hard pressed to explain how it is that the Arctic Ocean is opening sufficiently each summer to allow shipping.

-Time Magazine
-National Geographic


Photo of open Arctic Ocean Seaway by: Terra Satellite/NASA

"Climate Change Denial" There are so many questions I have about Global Warming that people just flat out refuse to answer. Like, if only 100 ppm of the 380 ppm of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere are man made, and of that only 2% come from Canada, just how much of an impact would Canada have if we were to spend the 100's of Billions required to cut that to 1 part per million rather than 2 ppm?
Serious questions for a serious issue.

Trent .. THAT is not a key question ... the KEY question relates to the Million$ spent to promote a consistent and ongoing denial of scientific evidence ...
"n 1998, John H. Cushman of the New York Times reported on a memorandum[25] written by a public relations specialist for the American Petroleum Institute. The leaked memo described a plan "to recruit a cadre of scientists who share the industry's views of climate science and to train them in public relations so they can help convince journalists, politicians and the public that the risk of global warming is too uncertain to justify controls on greenhouse gases." As part of a US$ 5,000,000 strategy to "maximize the impact of scientific views consistent with ours on Congress, the media and other key audiences," the document mentioned."

Considering the total lack of traffic on any blog that does a Global Warming/Climate Change thread I am starting to believe that no one cares about it anymore.

I don't think that 'comment's on a blog post indicate 'traffic'. I monitor my traffic with Sitemeter (enhanced version). It gives me the IP# of all visitors, their originating location, time on my site, pages viewed, etc.

Traffic was fine on this post yesterday.

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