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Monday, February 01, 2010 

CBC NOT Taking Criticism For Copyright Actions Very Well

There was a flurry of progressive blog postings yesterday concerning CBC's arrangement with an American company to sniff out and 'fine' anyone who uses a CBC article on their blog.

A number of individuals posted comments on the CBC Facebook Fanpage yesterday concerning the new policy. Guess what? Every comment of criticism has been removed from the Facebook fansite!

So much for open and honest dialogue with the 'people's broadcaster'!

-If you are interested .. here is a facebook page trying to get CBC's attention ...

Interesting but perhaps predictable. Licensees are not permitted to criticize the CBC; it's right there in the licence - and they must pay for the privilege (silly people)!

By the way ... they were here for awhile!

Thanks for this post. I am really disappointed in CBC. Is it just me, or does it seem like things have really changed since the latest "new" Harp-appointee Director took over? Crap! Where's our Canada?

Perhaps they will get a sense of what progressive bloggers are capable of doing to their public image after looking at how we covered the anti-prorogation issue a month ago!

I really don't get this. Linking to an article will tend to drive traffic to a site. Traffic to your site is a good thing.

So just how boneheaded is CBC management?

We are witnessing the new Top Harper influenced management of the CBC. This was obviously seen as a way to garner revenue. Don't forget, the Right Wing resents public funds going to the CBC. This was a badly thought out knee jerk decision.


This is the fan page maintained by Tod Maffin, not the official CBC presence on Facebook.

D'ya reckon we might get our asses sued for posting up the CBC logo. I just used it in a little video I made today.

Interestingly, on last week's Dragon's Den (CBC TV) uber money worshipper Kevin O'Leary and prorogation apologist Brett Wilson made a deal with a copyright/trademark troll. O'Leary said suing for infringement is a good business strategy. CBC following his advice, maybe?

The comment I posted to the facebook group Canadians against CBC's iCopyright DRM (that you so kindly made me aware of):

"Thank-you to folks who pointed this story out. I have removed the only CBC quotes from my blog. This is a sad day for the CBC and for Canada. Someone over at the CBC obviously doesn't understand how the web works, or how traffic gets pointed to major sites through aggregators and secondary sources. The CBC needs to understand shopping mall economics and needs to embrace it's role as the information anchor tenant of Canadian news - that the boutique operations (like our blogs) can cluster around."

Great comment. I think most bloggers would agree with you. Forgive me for expecting better of CBC!


Tod Maffin here. I run that fan page.


Every comment (provided it's on-topic and doesn't personally attack someone) is allowed on the site.

"Every comment (provided it's on-topic and doesn't personally attack someone) is allowed on the site."

Well, I guess the posts in question about CBC's use of iCopyright that you deleted were deemed 'off topic' since they were placed on the topic thread for "Charlie Brooker - how to report the news" ...

We know Maffin all too well.
For several years he he maintained a blog billed as the Official Blog of the CBC, where, in between stories about the CBC, he would give regular updates about himself.
But if you commented about it, and his use of the blog for shameless self-promotion, then voila!, comment deleted.
At the end of the day, olyn comments favourable to Tod Maffin were allowed to be vieweed by the public.


Blogging has become more and more complicated for those who host a site. I now have to be responsible for the potentially libelous postings of others on my blog. That means from time to time a posting has to be deleted that the poster is not happy about. I extend my power over comments on my site to those that are outright abusive as well.

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