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Sunday, March 07, 2010 

"Saskatchewan Party Lacks Vision For Province" - Saskatoon Star Phoenix Editorial Board

When the editorial board of the province's largest MSM daily paper issues a headline like the one above, you know that the governing party is in big trouble. Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party is holding their annual provincial convention this weekend, but you have to wonder ... why? The empty tables pretty much tell you how exciting the affair must have been.

"There are a total of five resolutions put forward by local Saskatchewan Party constituency organizations. They range from a suggested amendment to the human rights code to include the protection of property to a simplistic call to prevent a future shortage of Level 3 and Level 4 beds in long-term care facilities.

A resolution out of Regina Lakeview suggests people involved in family law proceedings should be advised of the option of collaborative law and mediation. There is also a far-fetched proposal to dissolve school boards as they currently exist and hand the responsibility of maintaining school services and facilities to municipalities. How this resolution even made it on to the agenda is a mystery."

Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Update - And just for the record ... what happens in the Saskatchewan Party if you are the guy who screwed up the Budget to the tune of a $1.9 Billion miscalculation of Revenue?

-Accidental Deliberations has more on the 'Bear Pit' Session that ended the Convention.

I have distant relatives in Saskatchewan who support the Sask Party. The wing-nuttery of some of these "policies" does not surprise me at all.

Hey double nickel! Unfortunately every family has a crazy or two .. the kind that disrupt family events with their self centered, loud idiocy. The state of the right wing is Saskatchewan these days is akin to 'Palinism'. Exactly like having a crazy aunt or uncle that you have to put up with! Cheers!

Tommy Douglas would weep. Nothing less.

Jim, the comment about the Finance Minster is totally offside.

Rod Gantefoer recieved that applause mostly in part to his public announcement that he was dealing with Parkinson's disease. He was being shown a lot of love and support from members of the party.

You want to crap all over the Saskies for the budget or projections, knock your socks off. But I thought you had a little more sense and compassion than that last part of your post, particularly in light of the recent medical issues you've experienced yourself.

Hmmm ... you may have a point although you yourself worded it as he "recieved that applause MOSTLY in part" of his recent diagnosis - I believe that he was also getting the standing 'O' as a vote of confidence from your party for him as a finance minister.

I wish him well in his health pursuits ... however, if his disease prevents political criticism of his obvious incompetent financing skills, he should step down on sick leave so as not to murky the waters with sympathy for him personally being confused with deserving criticism for the financial mess he has placed us in finance wise.

This was the first time Minister Gantefoer was in front of a Sask Party crowd since his announcement.

Let me rephrase it then. The "O" was 100% to show support for a man with some personal challenges ahead of him.

That being said, Minister Gantefoer would be the last person to use his physical illness as an excuse for anything.

Your blog, Jim, but you're better than this. Your comments were way off side.

Well hold on now Mike ... I am prepared to accept what you say as a one off . However, from now on, ANYTIME he gets a standing ovation in the House from his Caucus colleagues I am not buying that it has to do with his health - he can't be excluded from accountability as Finance Minister because of Parkinsons. If he is .. then he must step down for health reasons.

The post was from the convention. Not the house...

Sorry I missed that first part...

As I mentioned Minister Gantefoer will not use any physical issue as any political excuse. I will guarantee that. And so would everyone in the SK Party caucas.

I wish him well. Ill health is never fun. My final eye surgery will be in 10 to 14 weeks. I will have to take another blogging 'break' then.

Take care

You are right on.
The lack of depth shown by this bunch is quite alarming. What kind of a political party can only think of five lame things to "debate".
Sophisticates they are not.


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