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Monday, March 08, 2010 

TORTURE - It seemed like a good idea at the time ....

Look ... in the early days of the Harper government, the new Conservative administration was simply not prepared to let Dick Cheney and the Bushites have all the fun torturing evil types in the name of truth, justice and the American (er... Canadian) way.

I mean ... if the Americans could thumb their nose at civilized behavior and international law, why couldn't we get in on some of the action?

Well the facts of what happened in the early days of the Conservative government are starting to leak out. It looks more and more like the Harper administration had knowledge at the highest levels. Mr. Harper ... Canadians are going to find out what happened one way or another - no matter what you do to obstruct reality.

-The Globe & Mail

Singing from the same songsheet

Unfortunately, Buckdog, I am not convinced that we will ever find out. We will only find out if all three opposition parties are willing to go to the mat on this. They have to not only demand an inquiry but they have to demand that the Sergeant of Arms go a physically obtain the documents. Otherwise, the Con-men will just ride it out until summer and all will be forgotten.

The good news is that a day will come when the Conservatives will not be in power. At that time, the new government of the day will have a moral obligation to reveal the who-what-when of Canadian involvement in torture.

Harper has a day of reckoning circled on the nations calendar.

Well, we thought ol' GWB an' Cheney had a day of reckoning circled on their calendars, too.

This Parliament must assert its supremacy. Those who condone or promote torture must be called to account. New governments too often have a tendency to forgive the sins of previous governments.

How long before some of the docs get leaked? When that happens, Harper and MacKay and O'Connor and Hillier are going to have to come clean. Most Canadians have decent human values. We know that torture is wrong and no amount of fear-mongering is going to change that.


A moral obligation, you say! Well! That seals it, then, doesn't it?

Let's say we were counting on the CPC to be morally obliged to do something. How confident would you be that it would get done?

Now let's say we were counting on an unspecified party selected at random. If you feel any different about that party's moral fortitude than you do about the CPC, you are a schmuck.

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