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Tuesday, March 09, 2010 

Why Is The Saskatchewan Party Exploiting 9/11 To Fundraise??

Progressive Bloggers

I want to add my voice to those of other bloggers who are shaking their heads in wonder at a poster being circulated for a Saskatchewan Party 'pig roast dinner' fundraiser:
-Accidental Deliberations
-Humble Opinion

This poster is from the constituency represented by Saskatchewan's current Environment Minister, Nancy Heppner.

-Even FOX News does not like the Saskatchewan Party 'pig roast supper' poster ....

And... Fire Department of New York finds Saskatchewan Party poster offensive!
"The FDNY (Fire Department of New York) hopes that no one ever forgets what happened on September 11th. However, we do think that the use of images of the attacks for political or monetary gain, like the image on this poster, is in bad taste."
Frank Dwyer
FDNY spokesperson

... And the New York Post BLASTS the Saskatchewan Party as unapologetic 'small town politicos"!

(Click on pic to enlarge ... )

Holy OMG, for a pig roast dinner? That is so strange.

and the design is just horrible. White knockout text doesn't work on an image with large areas of light colours. At the very least, cut down on the amount of body text add a slight drop shadow.

Even better, still cut down the amount of body text, and place the text in a transparent box (10-20% Black)

wrong picture on that poster. A little over the top.WOW

Why would anyone be surprised? By now if there is anyone in the province that doesn't know what a bunch of goofs the SP are, it is because they haven't been paying attention.

This bunch thinks they are invincible. We can only hope that enough people show up at the ballot box next time around to fix the problem.

Strange?!? They're celebrating this guy because he escaped from the rubble of 9/11? I was once buried in papers, what do I win?

Another example of why these folks need to be tossed out on their ear.

They can't manage a two-house paper route (evidence the billion dollar deficit) and they have no sense of common decency (evidence this poster from a Cabinet Minister's riding association).

It's an awesome poster and roast pig is tasty. The poster freaking ROCKS baby!!!!!

The gritty 'truth'? Ohh now I get it.
Their vulgarity reaches new heights

You, I, and another Saskblogger got a mention on the GlobeM website.

Thanks for the link! I am told that Gormley is going to blast all who dared to challenge the Sask Party on his show this morning. No big surprise there.

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