Friday, July 30, 2010 

Conservative MP Rob Anders implicates colleagues in Chinese government hooker scheme

These may be the dumbest comments by a Member of Parliament in the history of Canada ...

-CBC has more .....


MP Rob Anders Has A Duty To Give Names Of Other MP's Who Are Under Influence Of A Foreign Government

Progressive Bloggers

"CALGARY — China’s influence over Western politicians runs deeper than controversial claims made by the head of Canada’s spy agency, Tory MP Rob Anders is alleging. In a recent interview with Epoch Times, an international newspaper founded by Falun Gong supporters, Mr. Anders suggested politicians and government officials from Canada and other countries are being wooed with extravagant gifts, beautiful young women and too-good-to-be-true business deals.
“The reach is deep, and it’s very unfortunate,” Mr. Anders told the newspaper. “I would argue that I’ve seen things happen on a federal level as well in our own government. And so I think there’s a lot more than he has even mentioned,” the Calgary MP added, referring to Canadian Security Intelligence Service director Richard Fadden.

“I think that Mr. Fadden only gingerly scratched the surface. I feel for him that he was dragged before an investigative committee with Parliament to have to explain, and I think that this situation is far worse that what he let on.”

National Post

If Conservative Member of Parliament, Rob Anders, has ANY facts or evidence, as he claims he does, that one of his colleagues or anyone in the Government of Canada is under the influence of a foreign administration, then he MUST make his claims public now as a matter of national security.

Who in your own government, Rob??

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 

'Nuclear power expensive option for Saskatchewan': Report

"Constructing a nuclear reactor in Saskatchewan could triple consumers' power bills and would not decrease greenhouse-gas emissions, said a report released Tuesday.

"It is an expensive option for Saskatchewan to pursue. It's not cost-effective," said Heath Packman, a former Saskatchewan government official and author of In the Red: The Green Behind Nuclear Power.

The report, commissioned by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), states nuclear power would have the highest capital costs of any energy form for Saskatchewan. It also says Saskatchewan's export market for surplus power "has been greatly exaggerated," as this power would be forced to compete with more cost-effective hydroelectric power from Manitoba, B.C., Washington and Oregon.

"Nuclear power is not a silver bullet," said Packman, who does not consider himself ideologically for or against nuclear power.

"My issue is the cost," he said.

The Saskatchewan government explored the possibility of a nuclear reactor for the province, but has put any plans on hold, citing cost uncertainty.

According to studies cited by Packman, the capital costs of creating new nuclear power are estimated at roughly $4,000 per kilowatt hour. Nuclear is the most expensive, along with solar, which costs the same amount. Coal ($2,438), biomass ($2,500), wind ($1,700) and natural gas ($700) are the other options cited.

Regina Leader-Post: ...Nuclear Option

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 

... But Will Stephen Harper Protect Us From Going To Jail If We Remove The Mattress Tag?

Progressive Bloggers



Harper's Conservatives Don't Let Evidence Guide Decision Making

"Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!"
-Homer J. Simpson

Progressive Bloggers

Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson spilled the beans in a recent interview on CBC Radio and let the nation know that our Conservative government does not consider relevant facts or statistics when they make decisions - everything is based on their misguided, idiotic, Reform Party ideology.

The Editorial Board of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix blasts the Federal Harper government right between the eyes for their ongoing idiocy:

"According to federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, the Conservative government doesn't govern based on the latest statistics.

Defending the Stephen Harper government's "get tough on crime" agenda Monday on the CBC Radio program, The Current, Mr. Nicholson said critics keep insisting: "You have to use the statistics and the measuring sticks we want. I say you can't do that."

His statement is much more illuminating than the ongoing controversy over the Tories' decision to make voluntary Canadians' responding to the long-form census. The data obtained from the previously mandatory responses had been used to glean a wide range of statistically valid information about Canadians.

***His comments are further evidence on the lengths to which the Conservative government will go to avoid or ignore any information that runs contrary to its ideological base position.***

The cost and harm that result from the federal government's tough-on-crime strategy will be tough on all of Canada, but particularly so for Saskatchewan, given this province's specific demographics.

It's a good sign that provincial Justice Minister Don Morgan is determined to act to lower crime rates in Saskatchewan, and recognizes part of the challenge will be to work with the "younger, socially disadvantaged population" to accomplish the goal. However, Mr. Nicholson seems just as determined to get in the way of doing that.

Not only will diversion and alternative sentencing become more difficult with the federal push to toughen young offenders' legislation and impose mandatory minimum sentences, but the harsh tone of the debate will make it even harder to stand up for those persons caught on the wrong side of the law.

Such has been the most telling experience of the United States. Over the past four decades, the country has become increasingly tough on crime and locked up more of its citizens for longer periods and for more minor offences than any other democratic nation.

However, according to a recent study published in the conservative British magazine The Economist, the "tough on crime" rhetoric has made it nearly impossible for any American politician to promote crime reduction strategies that actually work.

The study points to the contrast between the similar countries of Belgium and The Netherlands. Belgium's get-tough approach to crime has increased its prison population while The Netherlands has used community service, treatment and support on its way to reducing both prisoner numbers and crime. So successful has it been that the Netherlands now leases prison space to Belgium.

Mr. Nicholson told the CBC that what the U.S. does has little to do with Canada. The Conservative government's made-in-Canada solution has demonstrably been supported in two consecutive elections, he suggested, with Canadians sending more Tories to Ottawa than MPs of any other party.

A lot of evidence suggests that the American experiment with harsh sentencing will be repeated above the 49th parallel -- particularly when it comes to the numbers of disadvantaged minorities languishing behind bars.

And this will be Mr. Morgan's chief challenge. Although Natives make up less than a quarter of Saskatchewan's population, they constitute nearly 81 per cent of the prison population here.

The American experience teaches us that the harsher the sentencing, the more adversely it impacts upon minority groups such as Blacks and Hispanics, and the more difficult it is to enact strategies to help these minorities turn things around.

Kevin Page, Canada's Parliamentary Budget Officer, estimates that a single Tory law -- the "truth in sentencing" provision meant to stop judges from giving extra credit for time served in remand -- will cost the federal treasury at least $5 billion over the next five years.

Saskatchewan and Canada already lock up more people longer than do most jurisdictions. The sentencing changes mean Canada will be locking up a larger number of people who pose a lesser problem -- people would otherwise have the greatest chance for rehabilitation. As the U.S. example shows, this only serves to created more and harder criminals over the long term.

Mr. Nicholson points out his party is the only one standing up for victims, but it's a debatable claim.

A dispassionate review of data from the U.S., The Netherlands and Belgium, and a discussion with experts rather than constituents riled up by tough-on-crime rhetoric show that the Conservatives would seem to be the only party that standing up for creating more victims.

But, as Mr. Nicholson says, and the decision to water down the validity of census data affirms, this government doesn't need evidence in order to act."

Saskatoon Star Phoenix


Wyclef Jean Considers Run For Presidency Of Haiti

"Wyclef Jean has confirmed he is considering running for president of Haiti, according to CNN. It's premature to say whether he will be on the ballot in the Nov. 28 presidential election, the Grammy Award-winning artist said, but he has filled out the paperwork necessary to enter the race. Initial reports that Jean might run appeared this weekend in Ottawa publication Le Droit."
CBC News

Interesting story .. I have no idea what his politics are ... but I'd say that with 'President Wyclef Jean', Haiti would definitely have one of the coolest leaders around.


Monday, July 26, 2010 

The Simplistic World View That Resides In The Conservative Mind

"Indeed in this country, there are two groups of people. In fact, some would call these groups the haves and the have-nots. This is an not inaccurate way of describing it, but those that would might have the two switched. Canadians form two groups: those that receive from the government and those that pay to the government."
Stephen Taylor
National Post

Imagine going through life with a simplistic, binary world view such as the one that Mr. Taylor articulates.

Imagine that amongst ALL the tens of millions of people who live in Canada, there are only two separate divisions - 'the bad people' who receive from government and 'the good people' who pay to the government.

I suppose if you are hold a world view where all things can be reduced to 'The GOOD' and 'The BAD' ... 'Heaven' and 'Hell' ... 'Right' and 'Wrong' - then it is possible to accept what Mr. Taylor is advocating.

Such a world view is childish at best, idiotic at worst.

It's time for Conservative minded people to grow up and stop acting and thinking like bloody 9 year olds.

Progressive Bloggers

Thursday, July 22, 2010 

Yet Again $tephen Harper Pulls The Rug Out From Under Saskatchewan - Premier Wall Is Merely Harper's Puppet

Massive flooding in Saskatchewan this spring and summer has delayed work on numerous municipal infrastructure projects that are receiving Federal dollars. As a result a large number of projects will not be completed when the March 31, 2011 cutoff for Federal money occurs.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has said that he is confident Ottawa would consider extending the deadline for completion of the work due to natural disaster events that the province has had no control over.

Today we find out that Ottawa is not going to grant Saskatchewan any leeway. Brad Trost, a Saskatchewan Conservative MP, has now indicated that there will be no extensions. Once again, the people of Saskatchewan need to open their eyes to the fact that Brad Wall has absolutely NO influence with Harper.

Add this to Wall's abandonment of the court challenge to ensure that Saskatchewan receives its fair share of equalization, and you have clear proof that the current Saskatchewan Party government is nothing but an ineffective puppet regime.

"Saskatchewan will not get the extra time to use federal stimulus dollars that the province and its municipalities say is needed because of this summer's extreme wet weather, Conservative MP Brad Trost said Wednesday.

Saskatchewan Party Municipal Affairs Minister Darryl Hickie confirmed the province -- along with Alberta and Manitoba -- has asked the Conservative government to push back its March 31, 2011, deadline for the completion of stimulus projects because heavy rains on the Prairies have caused major construction delays.

Failing to meet the deadline would mean federal dollars wouldn't flow, leaving municipalities either to abandon projects or be forced to foot the bill on their own.

Hickie said Premier Brad Wall had raised the province's concerns with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and he had discussed it with Transport Minister John Baird at a meeting of provincial ministers in Ottawa last week.

He said he was told the idea would be taken under consideration given the severity of the weather conditions this summer.

But Trost, the MP for Saskatoon-Humboldt, said pushing back the deadline would be a "massive headache" and "there's really been no consideration given.

"I think people are just, you know, wishful thinking. There is an absolutely really good reason why we have to be firm about the March deadline because as soon as the deadlines start to drag on, people begin to substitute other things and there begins to be other excuses. If we allow for one, believe me, every municipality from one end to the other will have a reason why their deadline should be extended," he said in an interview.

"I understand where they're coming from, but the moment we extend the deadline they're going to be like kids with homework, all of a sudden they're out playing in the park rather than getting the homework done," added Trost, speaking after Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, the ranking Saskatchewan member of the Tory government, was unavailable for comment.

The money for infrastructure projects is designed to boost the economy and therefore must be spent within the appropriate time frame, he said. And there is still potentially ample opportunity for construction to occur in August and through the fall.

But Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison said he still holds out hope the federal government will extend the deadline to September 2011 to allow another construction season to finish the projects. The city is making an application for an extension through the province.

Of the 38 stimulus projects in Saskatoon, 14 projects totaling $21 million are in jeopardy of not being completed. The main projects at risk are the water main and road resurfacing projects along Eighth Street, which have been delayed upwards of eight weeks.

Since April, the city has received 43 days of recorded rain and 16 days with more than 10 millimetres. The total rainfall through spring and summer, at 431 mm, is almost triple the 104-year average of 154 mm.

"Once they see all the facts we're hoping they'll be far more understanding of the situation," Atchison said. "It's not that we're not trying to get it done."

The Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) said there are at least 33 projects in the province, valued at $36 million, that are at risk of not meeting the timeline because of the weather.

SUMA vice-president of towns Rolly Zimmer said he understands the dilemma of the federal government but said there should be some "sympathy" given the extremity of the situation.

"It's an environmental issue that's come upon these communities that it is making it very difficult to meet this deadline," he said. "Just logistically, when it's raining this hard, (construction companies) just can't do the work. They're just at a standstill."

-Global Lethbridge

Progressive Bloggers

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 

Sask Premier Wall Sure Picked A Bad Time To Abandon $800 Million in Equalization Payments From Ottawa

"While TD Bank had previously forecast 3.2% real GDP growth in 2010, the new forecast of 2.1% represents a one-third reduction, or 1.1 percentage points, off the earlier forecast. [...] But the 1.1-percentage point reduction drops Saskatchewan’s real economic growth forecast from the “middle of the pack’’ at 3.2% into last place among the provinces."
Financial Post

Saskatchewan is hurting economically at the moment because of two separate issues:
1) Massive flooding has severely impacted agriculture
2) The governing Sask Party told Ottawa to keep it's annual $800 Million Equalization obligation to Saskatchewan as an act of Right Wing ideological bravado

-The PROMISE to Saskatchewan that $tephen Harper BROKE

-$tephen Harper SCREWS Saskatchewan

-When Brad Wall Tells You That He Has No Money .. Ask Him Why He Abandoned $800 Million In Equalization Payments!

-Premier Wall Gets Testy With Reporters Over Dropped Equalization Court Challenge

Monday, July 19, 2010 

Fascism Is A State Of Mind ...

Fascism is a state of mind. It starts simply enough as an attitude of superiority. It grows into self righteousness with a bullying edge. If left unchecked it grows and spreads like weeds in a society. It allows for the killing of the 'Robert Dziekanski's' of the world. It generally ends in this.

Officer Bubbles is a goon - a bully - it is only a matter of time before his arrogant, violent, self righteous attitude kills. Shame on the Toronto Police force for keeping such a dangerous proto-fascist on their payroll.

Thursday, July 15, 2010 

When Brad Wall Tells You That He Has No Money For Floods, etc - Ask Him Why He Abandoned $800 Million Equalization Dollars From Ottawa

Progressive Bloggers

12 million acres of prime Saskatchewan farmland are under water and no crop will be harvested this fall. Add to that, the massive flood damage in Yorkton, Maple Creek and Saskatoon. Then there is tornado damage and a host of other environmental disasters which currently are hurting Saskatchewan.

Seems that Brad Wall's government is already trying to tell those affected that they don't have enough money to provide adequate assistance.


Is this the same Premier Brad Wall who dropped the court case which would have forced Stephen Harper to adhere to Canada's Equalization formula? You know, the formula that calculated Saskatchewan was entitled to over $800 Million as part of our two way commitment to Confederation. Brad Wall's idiotic Right Wing ideology got the best of his potential for logic and told him that ... 'naw we don't need any equalization dollars! We have faith in the unfettered free market!' What a load of crap.

For those who don't know, 'Equalization money' is part of Canada's commitment to a province's role in Confederation. Tax dollars are sent to Ottawa each year by each province, but a carefully constructed formula allows a portion of a province's tax contributions to be returned to that province in order to deal with situations such as those that Saskatchewan is now facing.

But what did the irresponsible Brad Wall do .. he let his hard Right Wing ideology get in the way of pragmatic logic.

Shame on Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party government for poor financial management of this province.

When Brad Wall tells you that he has no money for floods, etc - ask him why he abandoned $800 Million Equalization Dollars from Ottawa!

-Harper Asks Saskatchewan To Drop Equalization Court Challenge

-Harper's Conservatives SCREW Saskatchewan Over Equalization Entitlement

-Premier Brad Wall Gets Testy Over Questions Concerning Saskatchewan's Equalization Entitlement

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 

"What Do They Want - Highways Or Health Care?" - Saskatchewan Party Gov't House Leader

Progressive Bloggers

"What Do They Want, Highways Or Health Care?"
Dan D'Autremont, MLA
Sask Party Gov't House Leader

After some of the worst budget errors in the history of Saskatchewan, and short on cash and creative ideas, the governing Sask Party is obviously feeling some stress out in the rural constituencies that they represent. Government House Leader, Dan D'Autremont is being criticised far and wide for a little temper tantrum he had with the very people he represents.

"Responding to the closure of long-term care and respite beds in Wawota and criticism from local residents over his lack of action on the file, D’Autremont – also the Wall government House Leader – is quoted in the Moosomin World-Spectator as saying, “People complained about the highways and now they’re complaining about these beds. Which do they want, highways or health care?”
Official Opposition News Release

Mr. D'Autremont was first elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature in 1991 as a Progressive Conservative MLA in Grant Devine's caucus. When the Conservatives changed their name to 'the Saskatchewan Party', Mr. D'Autremont joined them. He is viewed as an extremely uncooperative House Leader who has a penchant for heavy handed 'motions of closure' to jam unpopular Sask Party legislation through the House.

"Dale Easton, chair of Wawota’s Save Our Beds Committee, said his group plans to keep fighting to reopen the beds. [...} He singled out D’Autremont, whose riding includes Wawota, for criticism. “The man is very unintelligent,” he said. “In our opinion, people should not re-elect the man. He refuses to return our phone calls. He won’t do anything for us. He doesn’t deserve to be our MLA.”
-Sask Party Closes Hospital Beds - World Spectator

Saturday, July 10, 2010 

"Harper's Flood Tour Was A Public Relations Washout" Regina Leader-Post Editorial

"When it comes to softening his public image as someone who is cool and remote, Prime Minister Stephen Harper never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Thursday's flying visit to the flood-ravaged Yorkton area was a classic Harper "photo op", with handlers steering newspaper and TV cameras into prime positions while deftly keeping reporters and their pesky questions well away from the PM.

It's tempting to blame Harper's media handlers, since the prime minister was seen chatting amiably enough with locals at the airport and there are anecdotal accounts from around the country that, in person, Harper is much warmer and friendly than his often frosty image.

The official line was that the prime minister "doesn't have time". Or was it, "doesn't have the inclination"?

Didn't someone quietly suggest to Harper that he amble over to the media horde and through them tell the whole province -- from the heart -- just how terrible he feels about this disaster?

Heck, maybe someone did suggest that, but it's extremely doubtful and highly unlikely that Harper would have acted on it because it's just not his style.

And it's not just reporters Harper seems to loathe. It's anyone who appears to question him.

Regina Leader-Post Editorial

Progressive Bloggers

Thursday, July 08, 2010 

CUPE Partners With Métis Nation To Celebrate 'Back to Batoche'

2010 has been declared 'The Year of The Metis' in recognition of the 125th Anniversary of the Northwest Rebellion in Saskatchewan. The following is a post which appeared on 'Next Year Country' blogsite this morning:

"After many successful meetings with Robert Doucette, President of the Saskatchewan Métis Nation CUPE’s Aboriginal Council, CUPE Saskatchewan and CUPE National are forging ahead to sign a partnership agreement with the Métis Nation. This event will take place on July 21 at the 125th anniversary of Back to Batoche Days in Saskatchewan.

As CUPE and the Métis Nation sign this historic partnership agreement Paul Moist, CUPE National President and one of the signatories says, “CUPE will be the model of unions being inclusive of Aboriginal members”.

Back to Batoche Days:
Taking place at the Batoche site, 90 km southwest of Prince Albert, Back To Batoche Days has been an annual event of the Métis since the mid‐ to late 1880s. This event will take place from July 18 to the 25, 2010 and crowds are expected to exceed 40,000.

The Back to Batoche event is a showcase for Métis culture. You can have bullets and bangs, bannock and all kinds of wild meat and fresh fish. You will see the historic dress and brightly colored sashes of the Métis. Jigging and fiddling competitions begin along with the next Métis Idol. Of course a Métis event is not that without entertainment for the children, and many events will satisfy this.

The highlight of the Métis days will be the Michelle Wright concert and the rodeo with the Canadian ranked Aboriginal cowboys and others competing for the Canadian title in this sanctioned event.

CUPE will have materials available at the Back to Batoche Days, including a booklet showing how CUPE has changed its structure to be inclusive of Aboriginal members, as well as an outline of Métis Nation history. You can also pick up a CUPE cookbook with delicious Aboriginal food recipes to try at home.

The CUPE Aboriginal Canoe Trip:
During this year’s event, CUPE members will be paddling the Saskatchewan River for three days, finishing at Batoche. The canoe trip is planned for July 19 to 21. CUPE expects to be joined on the last leg of the river by Métis elders, community groups and others. The Métis Nation will offer a formal welcoming on the banks of the river when the CUPE canoeists arrive.

The Aboriginal Council of CUPE Saskatchewan organized its first canoe trip to Batoche in July 2003 with 17 participants. Since then, the annual canoe trip has grown in size and renown, with 40 canoeists making the three-day journey this year.

Tom Graham, CUPE Saskatchewan President believes, “This is another step in forging a great relationship with the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan.”

Research project:
CUPE and the Métis Nation are also working together on a document about the history of the Métis. CUPE Researcher and writer of the document, Cheryl Stadnichuk, says that this is more than history, this is educational tool which will help people realize the great contributions the Métis made to Canada.

Melanie Medlicott, CUPE’s Saskatchewan Regional Director said, “CUPE’s image seems to be changing in the Métis community and initiatives, events and partnerships such as this are working to connect the different communities.”

Next Year Country

-Back To Batoche 125 Celebration  

My apologies to J & J Jerome - Anything Art

Tuesday, July 06, 2010 

Regina Leader-Post OpEd Advises Premier Wall To STOP Being $tephen Harper's Lapdog

Progressive Bloggers

"For too long now, Wall has allowed Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the local Conservative MPs to take this province for granted -- largely because what Saskatchewan has requested from Ottawa has always been considerably less pressing than the disaster relief that is needed.

This is something neither Wall nor the province can continue to tolerate. If it wasn't worth going to battle with Ottawa over unfair equalization, infrastructure spending or support for the province's future economic initiatives, surely now is the time for Wall to call in his markers with Harper on flood assistance. Wall must demonstrate leadership by standing up to Harper and refusing to take no as an answer."

Regina Leader-Post

Monday, July 05, 2010 

More Proof That $tephen Harper Is NOT A Fiscal Conservative

'Fiscal conservatism' is a myth perpetuated by the Right Wing. It does not exist. Right wingers love to spend, spend, spend public funds.

"OTTAWA — The federal government failed to disclose $869-million in contracts to preferred suppliers, raising questions about the reliability of the government’s main contracting report used by politicians, business and Canada’s trading partners.
“How do you miss reporting $869 million worth of contracts?”

National Post

-Harper's $30,000 2 hour Olympic Party!

-Harper's $1.9 Million Fake Lake Proves the Myth of 'Fiscal Conservatism'

-If the Free Market system works so bloody well, Why Does The Private Sector Always Seem To Need Billions Of Tax Dollars To Bail The Bastards Out?

Saturday, July 03, 2010 

Good Point! Why Are Free-Loading Senators Globe Trotting On Taxpayers Backs?

"All those senators don’t miss many opportunities… Some of the gadflies do nothing but circumnavigate the globe. I really do wonder why we tolerate that."
Pat Martin
New Democrat Member of Parliament


Friday, July 02, 2010 

Am I The Only One Who Insists That THIS Is NOT Canada??

This is NOT Canada ....

Thursday, July 01, 2010 

C-A-N-A-D-A The 2010 Version

Things have changed!


C-A-N-A-D-A the 1967 Version

Unless you are a certain 'age' you won't remember this ..


Blame Canada .....

Sponsored by 'Mothers Against Canada' ... have a nice day ...



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