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Wednesday, September 01, 2010 

Federal Liberals Try To Move From Their Current Right Wing Position on the Political Spectrum

No one doubts that Michael Ignatieff's Liberal Party is firmly situated Right of the Centre in the Canadian political spectrum.

Most Liberals are, in fact, quite comfortable being slightly Right of Centre. Their contempt for organized labour and issues that affect women and working Canadians is the key to their political identification.

In provinces such as British Columbia and Saskatchewan, provincial Liberal iterations are quite far to the Right.

But with $tephen Harper's Conservatives in clear possession of the Canadian Right, Liberals are having a hard time finding breathing room and leakage to the Conservatives since 2006 has been remarkable.

So what do we find Iggy cooking up now? Well .. seems he wants to find some way to move slightly to the Left of his current Right wing placement. He thinks that he will be able to find a home in the Centre of the political spectrum.

However, that will be hard to achieve simply because current Liberal policy and practice is fixed on the Right. Since Harper became the PM in 2006, the Liberal Caucus has voted with the Conservatives over 100 times. Does that sound like the political 'Centre' to you?

Optics and window dressing are part of politics, but if Michael Ignatieff wants people to see a move to the Centre by the Liberal Party of Canada, where are the social and economic policies that will prove the sincerity of such a statement?

Good luck with that one Libs!

-Liberals Target Centre of political spectrum

As a former Liberal I find your attempt to decipher "most Liberals" laughable. You're much too partisan (a shared NDP/Liberal affliction these days) to pronounce on what Liberals are actually comfortable with. You whine about Liberals attacking NDP'ers and then leap straight on the offensive yourself. It's spelled h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e.

NO MOUND! You are wrong! I sat quietly back for over 2 days while Lib blogger after lib blogger went on the offensive against Mr. Layton. It is called fighting back to stop bullies from beating the crap outta you. You current or 'former' Libs want a fight with Dippers .. you've got it! I completely resent your comments. How many Lib blogs have you gone to and commented on their attacks on Layton ... a big fat ZERO. I will stop there because I am so pissed off at you I don't want to say anything harsher than I already have!!!!!

You say Liberal policies are stuck on the right of the spectrum. I was largely unaware the Liberals actually had any policies in the first place. It seems to me that their "big red tent" is just a bunch of people milling about wondering what, if anything, they stand for. And speaking of the "big red tent" it seems quite amusing to found a new political on the theory "we're in the middle."

And as for Mound (or should I say the "mouth) of sound. He or she has little or nothing substantial to say on the fact that the Liberals have done nothing to actually oppose the Cons in four years. The proof of the pudding is in the eating Mound, and we've been eating it until we are poisoned by the Hypocrisy of a once great Liberal Party.

Way to call someone on their own Hypocritical stance dog.

I have a lot of time for Mound of Sound and have welcomed posts by same here on my site in the past. However, by NOT commenting on any LIB bloggers sites for their attacks on Layton and then coming here and attacking me, all patience departs.

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