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Monday, October 25, 2010 

Damn Liberal Member Of Parliament Who SHOULD Be A Bloody Conservative!

Progressive Bloggers

"Liberal MP writes user-pay prescription for health care:
(Dr) Keith Martin, a B.C. veteran of 17 years in the Commons, warns the existing system is “busting at the seams” and needs private-sector help. “We don’t need more studies we need action,” he said in an interview Monday. “We need the courage for politicians at all levels to start talking about the facts and to bury the ideology.”

The Globe & Mail

Shut the F@#K up Martin ... you're in conflict of interest and your idiotic crap should get you kicked out of the Liberal Party!! Ass!

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't this the same guy who ran for the leadership of the Conservatives on the platform of a two tiered health system. This should come as no surprise.

It's strange that the Liberal Party would accept old Reform MPs like Keith Martin. Says a lot about the party... I always knew it was a BIG tent... but I'm not comfortable with a tent that BIG!

You really can be comfortable with such a big tent. I am.

One of the differences between a sane political party, and a cult like the conservative party of canada (at the moment) or the republican party (for the last 20 years), is that it can respect and tolerate the presence of a minority of members who think differently from the majority.

What Keith, and the like-minded, deserves is to the chance to have his "conversation" within the party in a respectful fashion so long as the party leader ensures that it is based on respect for the evidence and fair scientific analysis.

It's still possible to have such debates in Canada. Even though lately, with the decline of Canadian journalism (mirroring that in the US), it is much more difficult.

NONSENSE! The Liberal Party of Canada has finally been fully exposed for the way that they talk out of both sides of their mouths on policy. The Libs hold on power for so many years was based on telling people what they wanted to hear without any action to back it up. I use THIS EXAMPLE as a primary case of how phony the Liberal Party of Canada is and has been on key issues that face the nation.

Hypocrisy .. thy name is LIBERAL!!

If the Liberal Party of Canada DOES have a commitment to public health care, they should throw Martin out of the Caucus.

Phony ... phony ...

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