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Friday, December 17, 2010 

$tephen Harper - He's A Real Nowhere Man!

Chantal Hébert points out that after five years as minority Prime Minister, $tephen Harper has done nothing to make his mark on history. He has built nothing in this nation.

That makes sense. All Harper ever wanted to do in office was to TEAR THINGS DOWN, not build anything up. He wants to kill the Canadian Wheat Board. He would kill publicly funded health care if he could. He has a blind idiotic adherence to 'unfettered free market' ideology. He claims to be a 'fiscal conservative' after recording the LARGEST deficits in Canadian history. This man is a blot on Canadian history.

What did we EVER do to deserve $tephen Harper?

Harper - A Big Nothing After 5 Years

Thanx Buckdog...shared on facebook!

Nice! Thanks!

"What did we EVER do to deserve $tephen Harper?"


More Canadians voted for Harper and the Conservatives then any other party and over twice as many Canadians voted for Harper and the Conservatives then the NDP.

It is called democracy.

While it is obvious that a 65% of Canadians do not want to give Harper and the Conservatives a majority of the seats in the House of Commons it is also obvious that 70% of Canadians don’t want the Liberals and over 80% of Canadians don’t want the NDP.

When are you and your NDP friends realize that while Harper is not very popular with a majority of Canadians, twice as many Canadians would rather see Harper and the Conservative run the government of Canada then Layton and the NDP.

The fact is more Canadians find the NDP “scary” then they do the Conservatives.

While I am no way a Harper and the Conservative Party fan I am thankful that they are in power instead of the NDP.


"It is called democracy." .. we need to keep reminding Mr. Harper of that ... getting 1/3 of the votes does not give one dictatorial powers. Harper will never win a majority. He is the most offensive PM that I have seen in my entire life. He has done nothing for the nation. You are entitled to your opinion on the New Dems. I hold Conservatives in the same light as you do the NDP.

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