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Friday, June 03, 2011 

Vox Populi

'STOP HARPER' placard gets young senate page turfed from Speech from the Throne.

That's not a very nice thing to do. While I respect and encourage her to speak her mind freely, it's a bit of an eye-poke to her fellow citizens (the very people empowered to act upon her plea).

Hmmm... The majority of Canadians who voted in the recent election, voted that we NOT have a Harper government. Well over 60% of voting Canadians did NOT want Harper to win. And yet, in our quasi-democracy, he now has a Majority gov't with that ability to do whatever he wants.

Somehow, I don't feel exactly the same way that you did. This one young Canadian, has decided to lose her job, perhaps be charged criminally, because her voice is not heard in our current democratic process.

Get ready for a lot more Canadians to voice their opinions.

Even if you vehemently oppose Harper, you should be annoyed by this stunt.

In particular I think this is most harmful to Jack Layton. Here he is trying to establish his bon fides as the undisputed Voice of Opposition to Harper, and this young lass does an end-run on him, implicitly suggesting that Jack can't get the job done.

Wow! Why are you tying this page to Jack Layton??? That's totally illogical! How do you know she's not a Green? .. or a Liberal? .. or a Bloc .. or a PC ...?

Sorry, I was misunderstood. From the language in her 'press release' she might very well be a Liberal, but her past experiences seem to indicate a general Left position and not necessarily Lib or NDP or Green. It doesn't really matter, though. My point was that Jack Layton is trying to consolidate his victory and expand his party's influence. He does this by stealing votes from the other non-Conservative parties. And he does this primarily, I believe by two ways: 1) establishing the NDP as a professional organization, with cohesive messaging and a well run apparatus - this is where the Civility campaign comes in; and 2) by demonstrating that in order to beat Harper in 2015 all non-Conservatives must unite under the NDP banner.

However, what this page did undermines those goals, by eroding the decorum and seriousness of antiharper positions and by vividly going around Layton as the chief spokesperson for the antiharper movement actually erodes his message of unity.

This is just a minor blip, but if things like this continue to go on, it'll be hard for the NDP to expand.


"not a very nice thing to do"

Wow, Leo, it was not a eye poke to her fellow citizens, it was a big middle finger to Harper. The onlY thing that would of been better would of been the other pages joining her.

Hmmm ... disgruntled young page with a sign ......... Jack Layton ...??

I'm still not sure why you are using the situation with the page to keep raising Layton's name in association with what the page did ... 4 times in 2 comments here.

I don't want to overstate the significance of this incident, because in the long run I don't think it makes much of a difference.

I do not have a direct comment on this subject. But I can say that it has been extremely difficult for experts to get through to the Conservative Ministers and Senators about the abuse of the Nortel disabled by their employer and the broken settlement procedures in the Nortel bankruptcy proceedings at the Ontario courts.

Please take the time to learn about how the Ontario court and both the Federal and Provincial Governments are allowing employers to abuse Canadian disabled employees. Watch these two videos, and read the Executive Summary of my Research Report on the subject.



Systemic Failure of Employer Sponsored Disability Insurance June 2011


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