Saturday, November 26, 2011 

Two 73 year old veteran CFL players brawl at Grey Cup luncheon

"At a CFL Alumni Association luncheon on Friday, Kapp and Mosca, both 73, went Ali-Frazier in front of startled onlookers. The feud dates back to the 1963 Cup when Mosca’s sideline hit on Willie Fleming put the B.C. running back out of the game and helped Hamilton win. Kapp was the Lions’ quarterback that day. News of the luncheon brawl that sent Mosca flying spread wildly. Brother Jake, a radio show host on Classic Rock 101, was seated next to Mosca and confirmed what was making the rounds.

“Angelo said, ‘Joe hasn’t looked my way once,’” Jake relayed on air. “Joe Kapp gets up and goes to get some flowers (to give to Mosca) and Angie says, ‘Shove it up your ass’ … (Kapp) popped him twice and as he’s going down, Angelo has the cane and hits Joe Kapp in the head.

“Joe Kapp goes, ‘What?’ pops him twice and (Mosca) goes over on the chair, loses his 300-pound balance, goes through the curtain and disappears off the stage.”

Others who witnessed the fracas confirmed it was indeed for real and not some staged event. Leo Ezerins, the CFL Alumni Association’s executive director, told TSN “things got a little out of hand.”


-Rider Prophet has more .....

You can view the video .... HERE ....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 

Why Does Stephen Harper Exempt Suncor From Syrian Economic Sanctions???

"OTTAWA—New Democrats want to know why Ottawa’s sanctions against Syria allow Canadian energy giant Suncor to continue operating a $1.2 billion production facility in that country in partnership with a Syrian government-owned company.

Hélène Laverdière, the NDP foreign affairs critic, told the Commons Monday Canadian sanctions against Syria in October were supposed to send a strong message to President Bashar Assad’s regime but didn’t affect Suncor’s activities in that country."

The Star


We've Lost One Of The Good Ones .... Sask Blogger Joe Kuchta Passes

Joe Kuchta , a great Saskatchewan Political blogger passed away at age 50 on November 16th. He will be sorely missed by his many friends and colleagues .... Thanks Joe!

Joe blogged relentlessly at
Owls and Roosters.

... CBC has a bit more ...

Monday, November 21, 2011 

Rob Anders - Conservative MP - Caught On Camera Falling Asleep In House Of Commons

We pay this guy far too much ...


Ethical Asbestos - How Canada's Conservative MP's Continue To Push Deadly ASBESTOS Onto Poor Nations

"A growing number of Conservative MPs are questioning their government's position on the export of asbestos, with a group of them independently summoning industry experts to a meeting on Parliament Hill last week.

Solid caucus discipline has been one of Stephen Harper's political achievements over six years in power. While open revolt over asbestos hasn't erupted, clear faultlines over government resistance to having the substance listed as hazardous internationally suggest the prime minister may be forced to deal with a rare case of internal dissent.

The first public cracks in the Conservative party line came on Nov. 1, when five Tory MPs broke ranks and abstained from an NDP vote that would have banned asbestos exports.

That was followed last Monday with a private Parliament Hill meeting that saw about a dozen Conservative parliamentarians ask some pointed questions of the Chrysotile Institute and industry scientists over several hours.

British Columbia MP Mark Warawa, who has expressed his concerns about asbestos in the past, organized the meeting. He said in an interview that he is simply looking for more facts.

Industry critics say it's laughable to expect top-notch safety standards in the poorer countries that import the substance."

Winnipeg Free Press

Saturday, November 19, 2011 

Saskatchewan's New Democrats Select Interim Leader

November 19, 2011
NDP Selects Acting Leader

The Saskatchewan NDP has elected John Nilson to serve as Acting Leader of the NDP until such time as a new Leader is chosen in a leadership race.

In a meeting today at Tommy Douglas House in Regina, the Provincial Council and elected NDP MLAs met jointly and unanimously selected Nilson, the MLA for Regina Lakeview, to serve as Acting Leader.

“I am honoured to be selected to serve the NDP as Acting Leader,” John Nilson said. “Our first task is to prepare for the upcoming Fall Session. Our Caucus will work diligently as the Official Opposition to hold the government to account to ensure that all Saskatchewan residents benefit from our current resource boom.”
Nilson was first elected in June, 1995, and has represented Regina Lakeview since then. He was appointed to Cabinet as Minister of Justice and Attorney General in November, 1995, and has served in a number of portfolios, including Crown Investments Corporation, Health and Environment.

Before entering politics, Nilson obtained his education at Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma, Washington), the University of Oslo (Norway) and St. Olaf College (Minnesota), prior to obtaining his law degree from the University of British Columbia in 1977. He was admitted to the Bar in British Columbia in 1978 and in Saskatchewan in 1979. He practised law and mediation with MacPherson, Leslie & Tyerman from 1978 until he was elected.

Nilson was Consul of Norway for Saskatchewan from 1991 to 1995 and Acting Consul of Denmark for Saskatchewan from July 1994 to 1995. He is an active member of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church and the Scandinavian Club of Regina, and many community organizations. He and his wife, Linda, have two daughters, Ingrid and Solveig. They live in Regina Lakeview, near the Legislature, and farm north of Parkbeg.

The NDP will determine the timing and rules for a leadership competition to select a new Leader at the next meeting of its Provincial Council in late February or early March 2012.

...The Globe & Mail has more ...


Stephen Harper Is Prepared To Take Canada Into War With Iran

"In a blunt warning amid an escalating crisis, the Harper government declared Friday that Canada stands ready to join with other nations in preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Supporting a resolution by the International Atomic Energy Agency that expresses “deep and increasing concern” over evidence that Iran is proceeding with plans to become a nuclear power, the Harper government vowed in its submission to “continue to work with like-minded nations on next steps.

“The question is not if, but rather the degree to which, we will act,” the submission declared.

The United States, Europe and other Western nations strongly supported the IAEA resolution, which was overwhelmingly approved by its board of directors Friday in Vienna.

The final resolution was stripped of clauses warning that action could be taken against Iran if it does not halt development of a nuclear weapon, in order to gain the support of Russia and China.

However, the resolution sends a clear warning to the Tehran regime that the international community will not stand by as it seeks to join the nuclear club.

While Iran insists its nuclear research program has only peaceful purposes, a recent IAEA report declared that there was clear evidence Iran was moving toward making a bomb.

“It is no longer within the bounds of credulity to claim that Iran’s nuclear activities are solely peaceful,” said Glyn Davies, the chief U.S. delegate to the IAEA, adding: “There is little doubt that Iran … at the very least, wants to position itself for a nuclear weapons capability.”

The Canadian government agreed. “There is no plausible peaceful use” for Iran’s uranium-enrichment program, the submission declared. “… Iran’s nuclear activities can only be understood in the context of a nuclear weapons development effort.”

There are growing indications that Israel and/or the United States might be prepared to take pre-emptive military action to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons-making capability. Were that to happen, this submission appears to confirm that the Harper government would offer its strong support."

Globe & Mail

Thursday, November 17, 2011 

Maybe We Should All Yell 'FU@K'!!

Stephen Harper's Conservatives have used Closure 6 times in 33 days to suppress the voice of your Member of Parliament! Maybe we should all yell FU@K!!!

The G & M - Parliament’s hastened decline under Tories

Huff Post: Harper Government Tough On Democracy, Not Crime

Oh .. and for the record, here's how some Lib (progressive) bloggers are addressing Harper's ongoing use of Closure in the House of Commons!??


Federal Conservatives Stand Behind Our Veterans ...... while they pick their pockets!

Today, the Federal Court in Halifax will begin hearing arguments in the class action, which could potentially affect the benefits of as many as 6,000 injured veterans in Canada.
Chronicle Herald

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 

City Of Regina Makes History With Raising Of Metis Flag At City Hall

REGINA — The City of Regina makes history once again.
“We may be the first city to do it, but it wasn’t about us it was about the recognition of our Metis people,” said Mayor Pat Fiacco.

On Tuesday, the Metis flag was raised in the courtyard of city hall where it’s to become a permanent fixture along side the national, provincial, municipal and Treaty 4 flags.

The Treaty 4 flag was raised Oct. 16 in a similar ceremony at city hall.

“There’s no question that we’re making history and we’re certainly hoping other cities will follow,” said Fiacco. “It is a recognition of the history of our country, particularly, in our province and in our city in respect to both First Nations and Metis culture and peoples.”

Russell Fayant, member of the Regina Riel Metis Council and a teacher at the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program, commended the mayor and his council for being brave enough to be the first city in Canada to fly the Treaty 4 and Metis flags.

“It’s quite a momentous occasion,” he said. “I see it as a metaphor. First Nation and Metis are people starting to claim their rightful places in Regina, in Saskatchewan and in society. Symbols can be powerful things and I think both those flags speak to the growing recognition that people of this province have for our contributions.”

During the event Fayant provided a history of the Metis flag. The flag consists of two circles coming together, which represents the joining of two cultures — indigenous and European — to create a new and distinct culture, he said.

“It was given to us as a gift from the Northwest Company in 1816, which makes it the oldest flag indigenous to Canada,” said Fayant. “The Fleur-de-lis and the British ensign were imported and the Maple Leaf didn’t come around until 1876.”

Fayant said to witness the event was both motivating and miraculous.

“As a Metis person living in Regina we don’t have very many symbols of our culture to reflect back at us,” said Fayant. “For the Metis youth, who attended the ceremony today, I hope that they look at that flag and think that they have things to aspire to and be proud to show their culture.”

The event coincides with national celebrations commemorating Metis Leader Louis Riel who died on Nov. 16, 1885.

Fayant said the irony was not lost on the Metis people. He said Riel would have passed by that site on his way to court 126 years ago.

“I would like to think that his spirit is still with us today and would see this as quite a turn around in history and the beginning, of hopefully, a meaningful and positive reconciliation between Metis and non-Metis citizens,” said Fayant.

The annual Louis Riel Day Vigil will begin Wednesday at 4:45 p.m. in Optimist Park. Anyone is welcome to attend the event. Participants will travel down dewdney to the RCMP barracks. It is to include some speakers and silent vigil and prayer. The event will end with a supper at Regina Metis Sport and Culture on 1235 2nd Ave. N.

Regina Leader-Post


Louis Riel Killed by Government Of Canada 126 Years Ago Today

125 years ago - at the North West Mounted Police barracks in Regina, the government of Canada executed a father of Confederation because he was not white ... was not an English speaking Conservative and because he dreamed of national equity for Canada's Metis and First Nations peoples.

Riel was elected THREE TIMES to the House of Commons by his constituents in federal elections, but he was never allowed to take his seat.

History is written by the victors of war and in the case of the Metis people, official Canadian history does a disservice to this great leader.

Louis David Riel should be recognized for his role in the creation of the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. His legacy speaks of the racism inherent in Canada's creation and ongoing fabric. He was a great man. He was a great Canadian.

Thursday, November 10, 2011 

Conservative Party Of Canada Found Guilty Of Breaking Election Laws

"The Conservative Party was fined $52,000 for breaking election rules in a deal that saw charges dropped against four senior officials, but guilty pleas by the organizations for which they made the decisions.

Under a deal accepted by Judge Celynne Dorval in an Ottawa courtroom Thursday afternoon, the party and its fundraising arm, the Conservative Fund, pleaded guilty to Elections Act charges of incurring election expenses exceeding the maximum allowable and filing election records that didn't set out all expenses.

More serious charges against the party and its fundraising arm of wilfully breaking the laws were withdrawn.

Charges against Senator Doug Finley, the party's former campaign director, and Senator Irving Gerstein, head of the Conservative Fund and chief fundraiser for the party, were withdrawn, as well as charges against Michael Donison, the former national party director, and Susan Kehoe, who served as the party's interim executive director.

The prosecutor told the judge the new charges were still serious and asked for the maximum penalty of a $50,000 fine to the party — $25,000 per charge — and $2,000 to the Fund, $1,000 per charge.

The judge agreed, saying the offences were "of a regulatory nature but significant to the democratic process," and accepted a defence request for 30 days to pay.

The charges were laid under the Canada Elections Act in February relating to the so-called "in-and-out" campaign financing case stemming from the 2006 election. The charges were not criminal.

None of the four Conservative officials were in court Thursday; and were instead represented in the court by their lawyers.

-Toronto Star

-The Hill Times

-Tories Plead Guilty - CTV News

Tuesday, November 08, 2011 

Those Conservatives who assume Canadian farmers can just truck their grain into the United States are living in a dream world

"One of the deeply foolish subtexts of the Parliamentary debate on the Wheat Board is the assumption that without our Wheat Board the US market will open its arms to Canadian grain, and we can send grain south by truck instead of over the mountains by train and across the sea by ship.

The Wheat Board haters seem blissfully innocent of the fact America grows mountains of its own grain and has an export subsidy program which keeps American prices up. This is a subsidy program which Americans will not allow Canadian grain farmers to benefit from.

A little acquaintance with history is sobering. When the Arthur Meighen Conservatives destroyed our previous Wheat Board in 1920 it took the Yanks less than six months to pass and invoke an Emergency Tariff in February of 1921 and later the Fordney Emergency Tariff Act to close their border to both Canadian grain and beef.

Could it happen today? The short answer is yes. The US has already instituted a “buy American” policy for their stimulus program spending which effectively sets all other trade deals aside including NAFTA which so many seem to think gives Canada special status.

The Yanks are preparing to close their border even more, just as they did in the 1920’s. The so called ‘perimeter trade deal’ signed a few weeks ago by Harper and their President contains provisions which foreshadow the border closure if our Wheat Board is destroyed.

For example, transhipment fees for containers from Vancouver to Seattle have been upped to $145.00 per container and US import fees for materials have increased to around 10% of the invoice value. That makes import fees higher than they were before the NAFTA agreement was signed. Couple that with an almost 30% increase in the value of our dollar, and exports to the United States are facing a formidable trade barrier. The Conservatives in their zeal to destroy our Wheat Board are not watching out for all the consequences.

So those assuming they can truck their grain into the United States are living in a dream world. The American paper work required is formidable. When the short lived continental barley market took place under the Mulroney regime, this writer heard many reports of Canadian farmers being confronted by Americans fed up with having their prices lowered and their elevators plugged by Canadian grain. If we lose our Board this time around Canadians may well face a more formidable and dangerous foe: US border guards armed with fountain pens and prohibitive fee schedules."

Canadian Wheat Board Facts


Hey Saskatchewan New Democrats! - "Up And At 'Em "

Regina: 6:24 AM: - Sask New Democrats lost a big election last night. Well, it's time to get up and start getting ready for the aftermath and for the future. There will be some who are unsure of what we need to do now. Simple. We take the Caucus that the people have decided on and prepare to continue our role as the Official Opposition for the Province of Saskatchewan. There will be a short Legislative Session in December and we need to be ready for that. We need to understand how the decline of the Liberal Party freed up tens of thousands of votes. We also need to understand how we did NOT attract those votes to our movement. There are lessons to be learned here by BOTH Saskatchewan New Democrats and by the Federal Party.

I'm excited this morning actually. It's a new season and we need to prepare and plan for our future. Good morning New Democrats! It''s a new day! It's a NEW Caucus! Up and at 'em!!

Monday, November 07, 2011 

Sask Liberals & Leader Ryan Bater Give HUGE Win To Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party

I keep saying that most Liberals should be Conservatives ... and some Liberals should be New Democrats.

In a great post, Blunt Objects demonstrates how Liberal voters moved to the Right in today's Saskatchewan election. With only 9 Lib candidates running for 58 seats, supporters of the Sask Liberal Party moved their votes to the defacto 'Conservative Party' here and gave a big victory to Brad Wall.

Thanks Liberals! :(

Sask Liberals & Leader Ryan Bater
What can I say? You fucked up.

Here's the results of tonight's vote in the 9 ridings the Liberals ran in, organized by vote totals:

(Click on image to enlagre .....)

That's right - 80% of voters were lost in those nine ridings since the 2007 election. Overall, 94% of Liberal voters in 2007 did not vote Liberal in 2011.

That's ridiculous, especially considering that Bater lost voters compared to 2007, when he got 13.36%. So much for the Lizzy May strategy.

Heads should start rolling. Now.

(PS: "Nathan Jeffries" should read "Saskatoon Meewasin", sorry about the mix-up.)
Posted by Volkov at 11:06 PM

Blunt Objects Blog

Friday, November 04, 2011 

The Provinces Are Right (well except for Saskatchewan): It Is Unfair For Harper To Make The Provinces Pay For His Crime Bill

"The provinces are right: It is unfair for the federal government to follow its own unsupported whims on crime and then make the provincial governments pay the bill"

Generally speaking, the level of government that enacts legislation should bear the political burden of raising the taxes necessary to pay for it. That isn't always practical in a federal system, which is one reason we have transfer payments. While the federal government amends the Criminal Code and similar laws, the provinces run some of the courts and correctional facilities. Any offenders sentenced to less than two years serve their time in provincial prisons."

The Ottawa Citizen

Wednesday, November 02, 2011 

Brad Wall Says That Whatever Stephen Harper Asks Him To Pay For The Omnibus Crime Bill - He Will Obey

"PRINCE ALBERT — Returning to the city where he made a recent campaign promise to crack down on violent offenders, Saskatchewan Party Leader Brad Wall expressed support for Ottawa’s tough on crime bill despite the potential for added costs at the provincial level."
Regina Leader-Post: Brad Wall backs Federal Crime Bill despite potential costs


The Once MIGHTY Liberal Party Contests Only 9 Of Saskatchewan's 58 Provincial Ridings

Saskatchewan is nearing the end of a provincial election. The once might Liberal Party is only able to muster enough resources to contest 9 of the 58 provincial Ridings. Lack of money - lack of talent and lack of vision has driven the Liberals to this embarrassment.

The decline of the Liberal Party in Saskatchewan is a harbinger of what is happening to the Liberal Party of Canada.

-Buckdog: - Politics of Defeat: The Decline of the Liberal Party in Canada - October 16, 2008


Jedras Whines And Pines In The National Post

I have always maintained that many federal Liberals should be Conservatives. Many others, however, should be New Democrats. There is no doubt in my mind that when the Liberal Party of Canada finally dies (and trust me, there is no stopping the demise of the once mighty LPC) ... blogger Jeff Jedras will surely find his comfort level in the Conservative Party of Canada. In fact, he's practicing his future Conservative affiliation by publishing petty, snarky, nonsensical, wound licking in .... (wait for it) ..... The National Post.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011 

"No evidence has been offered to support assertions that Saskatchewan levies the world's highest (Potash) royalties and taxes" Saskatoon Star Phoenix

"(PotashCorp CEO Bill) Doyle wrote, "Saskatchewan is still the highest tax jurisdiction in the potash world." The Saskatchewan Party also made this statement in its platform document and in the provincial leaders' debate.

Unfortunately, repetition is not a form of evidence. [...]

No evidence has been offered to support assertions that Saskatchewan levies the world's highest royalties and taxes.
On the contrary, the province is well positioned to negotiate a better return from the extraction of its potash."

Saskatoon Star Phoenix


How Much Will Harper's 'Omnibus Crime Bill' Cost Saskatchewan? Brad Wall's NOT Saying! UPDATED - UPPERDATED!

`So far, the most expensive election promise of the Saskatchewan Election campaign is the ongoing Billions in windfall profits that Brad Wall is allowing PotashCorp to rip off from the taxpayers of Saskatchewan.

Another HUGE expenditure is looming for the province and that's the amount that we will have to pay to implement Stephen Harper's Omnibus Crime Bill.

Today, both Quebec and Ontario
(AND NOW ADD BRITISH COLUMBIA) told the Harper government that they will not carry these costs.

Saskatchewan's Brad Wall has been completely silent on this looming expenditure - he is usually too busy kissing Federal Tory butt to even ask what the costs will be. (Sorry Brad ... I call them as I see them. Your silence is deafening!)

Shame on Brad Wall for not representing the interests of Saskatchewan citizens on the federal stage!

-Quebec AND Ontario (AND NOW ADD BRITISH COLUMBIA) Refuse To Carry The Costs Of Harper's Crime Bill

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