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Thursday, January 26, 2012 

What Stephen Harper DID NOT Tell Delegates At The Davos Capitalist 'Love In'

Canada's PM Harper spoke to delegates at the elitist Davos conference in Switzerland today. Here are a couple of key points that he DID NOT make in his speech:

1) When the free-market tanked due to capitalist greed, it was wage earning Canadian workers (paying taxes) who bailed out the auto industry and numerous other multi-billion dollar Canadian corporations. No recognition was made that it is ALWAYS working class & Middle class citizens who carry the burden of Canada's greedy class.

2) Billions in tax cuts continue to be given to Canada's corporate elite at the expense of wage earning Canadian workers. These corporate tax cuts are essentially 'gifts' to the rich because there are no conditions for job creation tied to the tax gifts.

3) Canada's wealthy and corporate sector continue to sit on over $483 Billion in 'Retained Earnngs' ... money that is not creating jobs ... is not stimulating the economy ... and gathers dust in the vaults of the Banking industry.

4) Mr. Harper gushed praise for the Corporate sector and Captains of Canadian industry, but he had no words of praise for the millions of working citizens who got up this morning and went to work, selling their knowledge, skills and labour to enrich the already affluent. In fact Harper gave warning that he is about to delay pensions to working Canadians in order to afford MORE tax gifts to his elite corporate friends.

We are all familiar with dictator Harper, he lies like a sidewalk, takes credit for what he hasn't done.

Harper does give Banks, mines, large company's and giant oil and gas corporations, billions of our tax dollars. He also gives them huge tax reductions. He just gave them, ANOTHER tax reduction. Harper steals from us, to give to the wealthiest outfits in the world. This was seen, on the House of Commons TV channel. Harper now does his dastardly deeds, behind closed doors. Much easier to thieve that way.

There is, the $50 million on gazebos. Flaherty and MacKay's $1,400 per night, luxury hotel suites. Who knows how many other Conservatives have wasted tax dollars, on luxury hotels? The Conservatives are totally not worth it. Who knows how much of our tax dollars, they have wasted in Davos? I wonder how much their luxury suites cost us this time? Then we have Harper's obscene security bill, of $47 million, no way is he worth that. Who can forget, Harper's stupid $1 billion dollar fake lake?

Harper as a Reformer, should have campaigned under his true, very shady party, the Northern Foundation Party. Harper started his, very shady party in 1989. Harper is no Conservative, he is a fascist, Reformer and a dictator.

Harper was thought a fool in Davos. He was a fool in Durban, bullying country's to accept the dirty tar oil. He embarrassed us in Copenhagen. At every meeting of the Nations. Harper bully's and has hissy fits, when he doesn't get his own way.

Since Harper's majority Canada has has regressed. Never, have I seen a P.M. as useless as Harper.

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