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Wednesday, July 04, 2012 

Here's How Gas Companies Rip Us Off In Saskatchewan ...

Yet ... a 40 minute drive to the west, you find gas prices in Regina - a gasoline refining location.

And finally, here's Victoria BC which is NOT an oil producing location ...

Something bizarre is Victoria's gas prices: http://www.victoriagasprices.com/

There's a weird price war going on and some stations are opting out, I guess. I filled up at a dollar a litre on Saturday. Of a long weekend.

Wow!! We haven't seen those prices in Regina, Sask for a long time. And considering that Saskatchewan is more of an oil producer than the West Coast and considering that there are refineries in here as well .. prices should not be so much higher than you!

Free markets are a myth.

I know! It's bizarre.

I used to work at a gas station. We didn't set prices. We put them at what the office called us and told us to put them at. Absolutely NOT a free market.

I paid $1.31 in Flin Flon on Sunday. 150 km south in The Pas it was $1.20.

Sounds about right ... gas in The Pas, Manitoba 5 cents a liter cheaper than Regina! Wow!

How much of that difference is city taxes?

Taxes (all kinds of taxes .. city, sales tax, GST) have all remained unchanged and stable for quite some time. Taxes really aren't an issue here. If Saskatchewan is an oil producer and gas refiner while BC is not .. why is gas so very very high in Regina and NOT in Victoria.

The reason is simple. The oil industry has decided that the market in Regina will bear the higher prices without much whining.

I'm whining!

The problem here is what happens whtn greed meets apathetic resignation.


Same in Ontario. But will you hear one political party address the issue, no way.

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